Watch DEEP GOLD! Support a world class Cebu, Philippines made film!

DEEP GOLD is a 2011 action film shot in the beautiful islands of Cebu and Palawan, Philippines. The film is produced by Bigfoot Entertainment and directed by Big Foot owner and founder Michael Gleissner. (A German entrepreneur, director, actor, photographer and musician who is now a Filipino citizen himself) The film features 3D visual effects, explosive action, daring underwater photography and international model-actresses.

I learned about this film almost 5 years ago when it was still in the process of being made. Two of my managers had knowledge about this film. One of them whose hobby was photography and video making took a short course on the subject at the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) an international film school owned by Big Foot located in nearby Mactan Cebu. He mentioned to me that Big Foot was in the process of making this film. I did not know what the title was at that time. Another manager who used to work at Big Foot studios also told me about this film. Both of them just talked to me about it in passing.

When I went to Ayala today I was surprised that the film was just being shown today, I thought it has already been released because I was told about it a long time ago. I learned it was released in the U.S in April 2011 and it is only today that it was shown in the Philippines nationwide.

I am happy that Big Foot Entertainment has come up with a film like this showcasing the beauty of the Philippines and show casing Philippine talent. Big Foot has substantial investments in the country especially in Cebu where they have their main offices and two big studios in two locations including the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT). Big Foot Entertainment studios in Cebu includes post production facilities and features six sound stages, an underwater filming tank, editing suites, sound mixing, and Foley studios. I hope that one day, Big Foot will open the studios to public tour so that Filipinos especially Cebuanos will be made more aware that we have the first international movie studio in the country capable of producing world class movies and documentaries !

Please support the film ! No need to best buy to let mortgage. Just Break your piggy bank if you must and gather all your coins to buy tickets to watch DEEP GOLD in your local cinemas. Tell your friends about it! The film is entirely made in the Philippines utilizing Filipino acts and actresses and backed by technical expertise with Hollywood  standards, world class filming equipment and world class acting and directing. To know more about Deep Gold watch this youtube video trailer of DEEP GOLD. (In the opening of the trailer you can see the Marcelo Fernan bridge connecting Cebu and Mactan) 🙂


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