How to get water out of your ear

Recently I enjoyed a trip with my family and friends at Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu. I really love traveling and if I have the time and resources I would love to do more of it. Yet going places and enjoying life has some of its consequences. When I enjoyed the nice cool waters of Kawasan falls I got water in my ear and it wouldn’t come out.

It’s such a pain to have water stuck in your ears for several days. I’d rather be configuring a bluetooth barcode scanner than have water stuck in my ear. But anyway I am stuck with the problem. I got advice ranging from the most ludicrous and insane to the most practical. Some people said I should fill my ears with warm water swing my head to the other side and then jump and down with my head tilted to one side draining water from my year. Others said to gargle some water, get the gargled water out and place it in my ear then tilt my head to let the water out.

None of the advices worked. So I searched the internet, and I found some practical tips to get water out of my year. In fact I found a very informative an instructional youtube video on how to get water out of your ear. The topic “how to get water out of your ear” must be such a particular topic because there’s even a somebody who registered a domain for it. (Couldn’t believe it!) I searched Google trends and other SEO tools and found out that the keyword “How to get water out of your ear” is a high traffic very low dense keyword with an average global monthly search of 18,000+ per month. (I can’t believe how many people in the world have water in the ear problems ! Well with more than 6 billion people in the world, what can I say) I just could not resist optimizing for this keyword (Evil grin)

Anyway, this post is not mainly about optimizing about the keyword “How to get water out of your ear” (evil grin again) but mainly to disseminate information about how to get water out of your ear. I’ve had this problem for several days, and I don’t want you to suffer the same fate.

So here’s the instructional youtube video on how to get water out of your ear:


By the way after watching the youtube video and after reading all I can about the subject how to get water out of your ear. Nothing worked for me. So I went to see my mother who is a doctor. (Best advice I got out of consulting the internet) She looked at my ears and said that wax was stuck in my ear ! (I can’t believe this, I make a habit of getting earwax once a week) The water was trapped in the wax. She told me not to use cotton buds anymore because what I was doing was I was pushing the wax deeper into the ear. If I were to use cotton buds, I should use it only in the surface of my ears. According to her, the ears have this natural mechanism to eject the wax out by itself. So she got the most of the wax out and flushed my ears with water. My ears opened up. Unfortunately because the ear wax was so hard and my ears bled on the inside, I have to use antibacterial ear drops for a week so again I will have to suffer for a while. I hope you don’t have to search for how to get water out of your ear in the internet as I did. To avoid the problem in the near future, I got myself some ear plugs which I will be using when taking bath and when I will be swimming.

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