Is Paybox a scam ?

Last September a friend invited me to join Paybox, which promises you with a start up $25.00 and $10.00 for every referral. The sign up cost you nothing and you only need to spend less than 2 minutes of your time for signing up. I have to admit the first thing that went through my mind is thing you are thinking that is why probably you landed on this post and that is “IS PAYBOX A SCAM ?”

Anyway, I just signed up. I trusted this friend of mine. After I posted my referral url in facebook and started promoting the service, people were asking me if paybox is a scam. I told them, if it was than nothing would be lost as you are not required to pay anything. You don’t even waste time. (Not unless you are Bill Gates wherein you make $300 per second) All you need to do to earn is refer somebody to sign up using your customized referral url.

So let me address the issue on whether on not Paybox is a scam. Before we can judge if paybox is a scam, let’s get to know what Paybox is all about. According to their site it’s a rapidly growing online currency and payment processing service. The way I understand it they want to be something like Paypal but with the qualification of it being an “online currency.” It’s like they are making their own kind of online money or points if you may.

As of now, no withdrawals can be made to buy a laptop from the site on money you earned. However you can send money you earned from the site to other paybox users. (If you have not plans to go through with this just sign up and send me your $25.00 hehehehe just kidding) According to them once the reach a critical mass of about 2 million to 5 million registered users it will “open the door to be accepted into large payment networks and integrated as a payment option by major merchants.”  They project that they will reach this by mid 2011. Since its launch in September there are already more than 100,000 registered users.

So why are they giving away money away just for signing up ? Well according to them, ” . . ..Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising, we are rewarding our EarlyBird users for helping us test our payment service as we build it, and only asking that you to share PayBox to help us grow . . . “ Hmmmm…. Kinda of makes sense, instead of giving money to advertisers why not give it to the masses and let the masses promote it. (A kind of online multilevel network marketing)


So is paybox a scam or not ? Well you be the judge. I’m somewhat convinced with the logic that instead of giving money to advertisers they’re giving it to us. Whether or not paybox is a scam or whether or not they will really give us money or whether or not they are giving us U.S dollars or Zimbabwe Dollars, doesn’t matter anyway it doesn’t cost anything so sign up. Nada, zilch, zero. So why don’t you sign up now ? Click here to sign up

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2 Responses to Is Paybox a scam ?

  1. Great Fred mine is now $ 1,013.88

  2. Andy says:

    My paybox is over $2,500 but now they want me to spend anywhere from $37. to $99 to join an army of 10,000 to help them reach their goal. Yea right! I have not seen a dime of this money and am convinced it will never happen especially now since they are advertising for other companies on their site saying it is for paybox to build an army of 10,000. How is me making money on another site suppose to help their army of 10,000?? Well I will follow paybox just for laughs but I wont refer anyone especially now that I am convinced this is a scam to advertise for other companies so paybox will get commissions from them. sad : (

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