Kindle vs. iPad which is a better deal ?

I’ve owned an Amazon Kindle for 6 months now and I am very satisfied with it’s performance. There’s only one thing I regret about the Amazon Kindle and I’ve shared with you what it’s about in my post entitled “My regrets with the Amazon Kindle 2.”

People had been asking me on whether they should get a Kindle or not. I can’t blame them. With a plethora of reading devices to choose from, it would be very hard to make the best decision.

Among the reading devices, the battle for supremacy has never been tougher between the Amazon Kindle versus Apple’s ipad. True, both devices are different in a lot of ways. Unlike the Kindle, the ipad is not just an ebook reader, but is classified as a full pledge PC. However since both devices are also utilized as ebook readers then the comparison is appropriate.

I’m not going to give you any pros and cons or any tables comparing the advantages of owning a Kindle over an ipad. While it is true that I would pick a Kindle over an ipad, I agree that the choice as to which device to own will largely depend upon the needs of the consumer. However with regards to reading ebooks, I would insist that Amazon’s Kindle is the better choice over Apple’s ipad.

The reason ? Well, the latest Amazon Kindle ad will speak for itself. (However don’t stay too long in the sun just like the people in this advertisement as you might get different  types of eczema)


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4 Responses to Kindle vs. iPad which is a better deal ?

  1. Sean Browne says:

    It’s so hard to really decide which device is better. Like the blog says, the iPad is more like a tablet PC and the kindle is an e-book. Personally I have no interest in iPad, not sure if I’m just being anti-iPad, but it seems like there is way too much hype about the iPad. I like having a personal computer/laptop instead. As for the kindle I like how it reads exactly like a book. Keeping it simple and original is sometimes what it’s all about

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    Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Jolina Adams says:

    Kindle v. iPad….hi Ziegfried, I recently purchased an iPad and I love it! You can do alot of different things aside from reading books, of course it more of like a tablet pc. It’s very convenient when you’re traveling because of its size. I particularly like the iBook app, it’s the same as the nook and barnes and noble eReader. Feels like you are reading an actual book when you flip through the pages. You can also download the amazon kindle app on the iPad.

  3. zigfred says:

    Jolina: Congrats on your ipad purchase. Will probably purchase a tablet pc in the near future. However I am planning to purchase a google OS (CHROME OS) powered tablet. I’m sure the ipad is great, but I’m just a linux fan 🙂

  4. Jolina Adams says:

    I do admit that the iPad is not quite there yet to replace a laptop. I’ve seen the launching of RIM’s playbook and it looks better when it comes to multitasking. I’m waiting for the update on the iPad for multitasking and create folders for better organization. Do blog on the google OS and let us know!

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