Guerilla blogger joins Batangas Today

Marhgil Macuha the prince of Philippine SEO and co-author of our ebook “Guerilla blogger’s strategy and tactics on how to make cash online” has asked me to join him in his latest blogging project, a news site

Batangas Today is a news site that provides the latest news happenings in Batangas and around the world. Currently we have 14 bloggers including the editors who are working round the clock to bring the latest happenings around the globe.

Batangas Today does not only focus on news from Batangas. As Marhgil Macuha explains just as the New York Times does not focus one New York alone or the Manila Times does not focus on Manila alone so does Batangas Today which will not feature news from batangas alone. News from all over the world will be featured here.

I just posted my first news article today entitled “Philippine Stocks exchange breaches the 4,000 mark and is at its all time high!” Although I am not limited by the editor as to what to write on, I have decided to focus on business topics more particular finance and stock market investing news. I will from time to time however write on other topics instead of just writing business card printing topics. 🙂

I’m excited with the prospects of the site. With some of the best veteran bloggers and SEO practitioners on board, I’m sure that Batangas Today will become the leading fully online news portal in the internet.


What further excites me about the project is the fact that we are collaborating and working on this project fully online from different parts of the Philippines and even around the world!

By the way we need more news staff; of special mention are those people who want to focus on the science category. Take note that this is a “News” site. If you want to join this unique project, click here for more details.

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3 Responses to Guerilla blogger joins Batangas Today

  1. iggy says:

    waw, nice development! sir unsai excerpt plugin gamit nimo ani pro-sense theme?

  2. zigfred says:

    Iggy: What do you mean excerpt plugin ? You mean the plugin that produces the post footer ?

  3. Christopher Pike says:

    Tell the author of that site to STOP spamming the world wide web through scraping 60-70% of other people’s contents. You’ll get penalize by search engines.

    Good luck.

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