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Since last year and for the past months, I had been working to try to expand my network of blogs. As mentioned in my “about” page, I have several blogspot blogs but I do not frequently update them.

I’ve been starting new wordpress niche blogs since last year with individual domains, but I realized that I am too busy to maintain them, let alone write for my personal blog ! So for some of my blogging ventures, I’ve decided to partner with other bloggers. I have not yet formally introduced my new blogging ventures but here they are, drum roll please . . . .:-)

1.) – This is my first niche blog. The focus of this blog is of course stock market investing. From time to time, I write about personal finance and business topics as they relate to stock market investing. I love writing about how to invest in the stock market that is why I started this blog. Also from a blogging income perspective, writing about finance and investing topics is very advantageous for several reasons. First the pay per click rate is very high, add to that is the abundance of potential advertisers. Secondly, the competition is not very strong because writing about these topics require a certain level of knowledge.

2.) – Started in 2009 together with my stock market investing blog. The intention of this blog is to start a niche blog on how to make money online. However since I could not take health care jobs of this blog alone, I’ve decided to partner with a blogger for this. I am still looking for additional partners for this blog.

3.) – One of my friends is literally a jet setter. He does this for a living. Today he may be in Manila the next day Mindanao, and the next week abroad! So I got this idea to partner with him and make a travel blog since travel blogs are also said to be lucrative. I’ve decided to move my travel entries to this blog as well. To generate more content, I’ve also decided to invite some close friends to partner with me in this blog. So expect more travel entries and features from other bloggers soon.

4.) – This is the new blog/website for Lex Pareto Notes, a 4 volume bar exam based, statistical and codal based bar reviewer. It’s a projected I started with my friends way back in 2005. Now it’s one of the best selling bar reviewer having sold almost 8,000 copies nationwide ! The old blog/website is I’ve decided to move it to this new site which is based on wordpress. The old website will be shutdown soon. I will be posting updates on the Lex Pareto Notes, especially now that we are working on the 2010 edition. Bar exam tips and other materials helpful to law students will also be featured here. This blog is still under construction as of now.


5.) – This the blog for our church. Last February of 2010, we decided to start a community church in our area and called it “The Master’s Community Fellowship.” Information about the church and  its ministries can be found here.

Whew ! So much work still needs to be done. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish all of this by God’s grace. Let’s keep on blogging !

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4 Responses to Guerilla blogger’s new blogs and websites

  1. Vernon Go says:

    5 blogs! waw income generating na tanan sir?

  2. zigfred says:

    Vernon: Dili pa sad hehehehe . . . Ang klaro dihang income generating usa pa plus this blog. Bago pa nang mga uban diha hehehehe 🙂

  3. Enrico says:

    i really learn from guerilla tactics. Im using this one, hoping i would be successful being a blogger. newbie blogger here 🙂

  4. zigfred says:

    Enrico: Wishing you all the best. God bless you in your blogging endeavors.

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