JAVA versus .NET clashes in JAVA 4 EVER the movie !

Forget the browser wars, the operating system wars and even the PC vs. Mac war. Now a an interesting war is brewing up and it’s between two formidable opponents. Microsoft Corporation’s Microsoft.NET vs. Sun Microsystem’s Java !

For those of you who aren’t geeks or aren’t geeky enough, Java and .NET are developer tools. (Kind of like hammer and saws for carpenters) Some software (not sure about scanning software) do not run properly if you don’t have Java or .NET installed.

Just like the browser wars, the O.S wars and the computer wars, people from both camps (Java & .NET) are insisting in the superiority of their tool and are fighting over who should be the industry standard among other things. The battle has been so fierce that the two computing giants, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems have fought in court over this.

To spice up things, Java developers meeting this coming September 8 and 9, 2010 for their annual “JavaZone” conference in Scandanivia has released a 3+ minute trailer entitled “Java 4 Ever.” The trailer was intended to promote the conference.

Because I neither use Java or .NET, I cannot say whether Java is superior to .NET or vice versa but I would certainly say that Java developers have a talent for developing films. I guess if Java developers loose the war, then they might consider a career in film making. So for film making or viral internet marketing the Oscar’s should go to Java!


Now grab some popcorn and watch this interesting viral marketing clip !

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10 Responses to JAVA versus .NET clashes in JAVA 4 EVER the movie !

  1. Christian Noel says:

    Hi Sir Diaz!

    I’m actually one of your students in CIT – IEPE4, I accidentally landed in your website because I was looking for tips on how to make money online. Fancy how I landed here, I was checking out Guerilla Blogging.

    I’mma trying it out while waiting for the endorsement date of my emplyoment. Negosyante jud kaau ka sir. Hehehehehehe.

    Nangumusta lang. Best Wishes. Kumbati IE!


  2. Christian Noel says:

    Hi Sir Diaz!

    Actually I’m one of your students in CIT – IEPE4 ^_^. I was looking for ways in order to make money online. I clicked on and it lead me to your blog. I’m currently reading the Guerilla Blogging E-book. Fancy how small the world is. Hehehe. Ayo ayo diha sir.

    Kumbati IE!


  3. zigfred says:

    Christian: Glad to be of help ! Wish you all the best. God bless !

  4. zigfred says:

    Christian: Glad to be able to read that I have been of great help to my students.

  5. Hi Zig! So you’re also a tech guy huh? I also happen to work in the IT industry! You can check out my java blog at Is that guerilla tactics you have here co-authored with the owner of

  6. zigfred says:

    Tim: Well I sort of dabble in tech once in a while. I’ve studied C and VB programming before, but my programming is now very very rusty. I’ve developed our company database using MS ACCESS. But that was a long time ago. Don’t know much about Java. Finance and stock market investing is my current interest. Nowadays the tech I do is more on SEO, blogging, social networking etc.(Web 2.0 stuff)

    Yep, I have co-authored the Guerilla Blogger’s strategy and tactics ebook with Marghil Macuha of We’re trying to update it but couldn’t find the time.:-) Hopefully someday we will do.

    So you are in the I.T industry. From the looks of your blog looks like you’re quite an expert in Java. What are some other stuff you specifically do in I.T ?

  7. Java Blog says:

    Hi Zig,

    Not really an expert, it’s just that I’ve been with it for quite a while. The last few years I was doing web app development but recently I got into a maintenance project and going for a year now… Thus, I had time to blog and learn a bit more about SEO.

    I loved your Guerilla Blogger’s Strategy! First thing I tried to do was apply the things I learned and ask Mr. Macuha to add me to his blogroll but I guess my message always got caught up in his anti-SPAM software… -_-

    Anyway, I also want to get more into stock market investing and really doing my best to be an entrepreneur as fast as I can. I love the post you have on your finance blog, I hope you continue writing them!

    ~Tim | Every Peso Counts

  8. zigfred says:

    Tim: Thanks !

  9. agile says:


    nice to see ur site. actyally i want to earn money from internet.
    i know java,oracle,php,mysql,xml. how can i get work from internet.
    pls. suggest me.

  10. zigfred says:

    agile: You can download our free ebook “Guerilla blogger’s strategy and tactics on how to make cash online” to learn more about making money from the internet 🙂

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