The very best Visayan songs medley

The Visayan region, most particularly Cebu is known for its very musically minded people and its pool of talented singers and composers. In fact Cebu is widely known all over the world for its famous guitar making industry. A lot of Cebu singers have made it to the national scene and a lot of composers from Cebu have contributed to the rich musical archives of the Filipino nation.

Last time a featured the song “We will rise again” sung very our very own Raki Vega. This time I am featuring a medley of Visayan songs sung by our very own “The crystal voice of Asia,” Sherin Regis is originally from CarCar, Cebu.

I just love listening to Visayan songs on my ipod. I wonder if I am also comfortable listening to this with an ipad. Don’t have one yet, not also planning to get one as you need to buy a lot of ipad accessories to unlock it’s full value.  These songs always have a special place in my hearts because my grandparents love to sing Visayan songs. They always encouraged me to learn these songs as the time will come when they will be forgotten. They also say that learning these old songs is one way to connect with the old folks. That’s why I not only the lyrics of most of these songs but I also know how to play most of them.

The songs featured here are the popular Visayan songs from Cebu, Bohol and Leyte etc. These are Ani-a si Rosas Pandan, Pubring Alindahaw, Kung ikaw inday etc. Enjoy !


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3 Responses to The very best Visayan songs medley

  1. Manny says:

    If you’d like I can send you a tons of old Visayan recordings. I have many Cebuano albums by the Mabuhay Singers, Tres Rosas, Ruben Tagalog, Pilita Corrales, Nora Hermosa, Susan Fuentes, Dulce, Filipinas Singers, Stacks Huguete, Davaweñas, Fannie Estellore, Pauline Sevilla, Al Comendador. I can send them in mp3 or aac format at any bitrate. I don’t charge for doing it either. I just want to keep Visayan songs alive.


  2. Manny says:

    That is my youtube channel. I’ve posted about 70 Visayan songs.

  3. zigfred says:

    Manny: Thanks !

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