Ten things that make the Philippine 2010 elections unique – Part 1

In less than 48 hours, history will be written. We will be crossing the “Rubicon” as a nation so to speak. This Monday, May 10, 2010 the Filipino people will make a decision that could make or break us as a nation. It will be the Philippines 2010 elections.

The Philippine 2010 elections is definitely the most unique among all elections that has happened in this country. Here are the reasons why I think the Philippine 2010 elections is unique and will definitely earns a prominent place in our history books.

1.) Automated elections – This is the first time that the Philippines will be using counting machines to count votes on a nationwide scale. Take note we had been very successful (They say) in conducting automated elections in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao in 2008. A nationwide automated election is said to produce results much faster and eliminates cheating. This of course remains to be seen as critics has been warning about a failure in automated elections. Whether or not the automated elections will produce its desired objective remains to be seen. With this anticipation, definitely this makes the automated elections earn a number one spot in our list on what makes the Philippine 2010 elections unique.

2.) Highest involvement of voters – Compared to previous elections, I believe the Philippines 2010 elections has the highest involvement of voters. I’ve never seen ordinary citizens in all parts of the country so excited and active in an election. The development & maturity of communication technologies such as the internet, texting and sending MMS has definitely contributed to the active involvement of ordinary citizens. Media involvement such as “Boto mo i-patrol mo” and the heavy utilization by candidates of “quad-media” avenues (Print, television, radio and internet) has also contributed a lot in encouraging people to get more involved.

3.) Utilization of Web 2.0 technologies – It is said that Barak Obama owes his presidency partly to the effective use of Web 2.0 technologies. Philippine candidates are of course borrowing a page from his book and are heavily utilizing Web 2.0 technology in campaigning. Web 2.0 technologies refers to blogs, microblogging, video blogging and social networking. The heavy utilization of Web 2.0 technologies is used the first time in the Philippines 2010 elections. This will forever change the landscape of Philippine politics.

4.) Most bloody – This is the darkest and saddest point that makes the Philippines 2010 elections. I’ve never seen an election so bloody. The mother of all election related violence of course is the bloody Maguindanao massacre which has claimed more than 50 lives in just one day. This is probably on of the most darkest, Black Friday events in our country’s election history. 


5.) Changes in Jurisprudence & Unseating – The Supreme Court has ruled on a lot of things that is unprecedented in previous elections. Changes like the new doctrine on premature campaigning and allowing incumbent government officials to run without resigning from their post (Which was of course reversed) adds flavor and uniqueness to the Philippine 2010 elections. In my opinion and with due respect to the highest court of the land, I’ve never seen the Supreme Court so wobbly in its decision making. Then there is this massive unseating of elected officials who reportedly lost when a recount was made. Why do they have to decide it this late when anyway, in a matter of few months, there will be a change in administration. I’ve never seen such massive unseating of elected officials before. This is definitely unprecedented.

Stay tuned for more on “Ten things that make the Philippine 2010 elections unique Part 2

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