Ten things that make the Philippine 2010 elections unique – Part 2

Isang tulog na lang ! The Philippine election 2010 will finally kick off tomorrow ! We hope and pray for a generally peaceful and smooth election tomorrow. Its judgment day for the candidates! I’ve said in “Ten things that make the Philippine 2010 elections unique Part 1” that the Philippine election 2010 is unique and that it deserves a prominent spot in our history books. I gave the first five reasons in the first part; here are the last five reasons on what makes the Philippines  elections 2010 unique.

6.) Possibility of failure of elections – The fear of failure of elections is probably at its highest in the Philippines 2010 elections. This is probably because it is the first time that the country is trying out the automated elections.

7.) Most unpredictable outcome – The Philippines 2010 elections has definitely the most unpredictable outcome. Although surveys shows one candidate having a big lead among other candidates, it still remains to be seen as to who will win as president. No one can really definitely say who will win in this election. A more recent survey produced by the Villar camp shows NoyNoy Aquino only trailing by 3 points.

8.) Ushering in of a new era – The results of the Philippine elections 2010 has been awaited not only by the Filipino people but foreigners as well. Hundreds if not thousands of businessmen who are planning to pour in capital into the country are hoping for a peaceful elections. Most stock analyst is in agreement that if the elections is generally smooth and peaceful the stock market is said to take off. We had just been through a world financial crisis. Now that worst of the crisis seems to be over, we are just awaiting the results of the Philippines 2010 elections before we can finally start to take off in our economic progress.

9.) Party switching – Because of our multi-party system, in every elections there is always party switching as the political prostitutes struggle to survive. However this party switching that is happening the Philippine 2010 election is unprecedented. I’ve never seen this so much party switching before. Not only that, unlike in previous election where the switching happens to one dominant party or coalition in the Philippines 2010 elections, the switching is to different parties as we currently have one dominant party and two major minority parties.


10.) From President to member of Congress – This is really the highlight of the uniqueness of the Philippines 2010 elections because this is probably the only election in our history that a president steps down and runs as a member of Congress. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo used to be the attention of the entire nation. Now we will have to use scopes to find her among the more than 200 congressmen. hehehehe 🙂

That’s all folks. Vote wisely tomorrow! God bless the Philippines.

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