Why Richard “Dick” Gordon should be the Philippines’ next President

A lot of people has associated me as being “Pro-Noynoy Aquino” for president and rightly so because I’ve sent a lot emails and has campaigned for Noynoy and Mar Roxas through social networking. I have even written a post “Noynoy Aquino for President in 2010” sometime in September 2009.

I was originally pro-Noynoy only because of two reasons. First it was because I was originally pro-Mar Roxas, so when Mar Roxas stepped down to give way for the presidency of Noynoy Aquino then logically I would have to side with Noynoy. Secondly, although there were lots of good guys that were better than Noynoy Aquino in terms of a lot of things, however most of them are not “winnable.” Since Noynoy is the most “winnable” than he must be the most logical choice.

I held a pro-Noynoy stance for several months until recently I realized that I was wrong. The choice of a leader should not be based on his “winability” (If there is ever such a word) but on his ability to lead the country. We should also choose a leader according to our conscience on not on whether or not he can win the elections.

If somebody applies for a job, isn’t it that the most logical thing to do is to choose the most qualified, the most experienced, the best and the brightest ? The office of the president is the highest post in the land whose function is not just buying office supplies. The job therefore should go to the most qualified among the candidates.

We shouldn’t even pay attention to the negative issues that the candidates are throwing at each other; we should consider who is the most qualified and the best among them all.

Somebody on Facebook featured a table comparing the presidentiables. I wish to share them all with you; this led me to conclude that Dick Gordon as the most logical choice to be the next president of the Philippines. (Click to enlarge)


As you can see, Dick Gordon has the most experience when it comes to the executive functions of the government. He has been very successful in his tenure as Mayor of Olangopo City and as Secretary of Tourism. His extensive legislative work is an added benefit. His excellent chairmanship in Subic Bay and the Red Cross has added more reasons on why he is the best among all the candidates when it comes to leadership and management. Above all Dick Gordon has no corruption issues. He is a man of integrity and is a no-nonsense person. He will tell you straight to the face that you are wrong and he is right. Some say he is boastful. He may be arrogant, a perfectionist and a strict disciplinarian, but this is exactly what this country need. If we install Dick Gordon as president I have no doubt in my mind that he can do what Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore and what Mahathir did for Malaysia. What we need is a president with political will, who means what he says and says what he means.


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