Want to understand animal talk ? Check out Google translate for animals

Do animals talk ? Ever wish you could be just like Doctor DoLittle and understand animal talk ? You can now throw away your “How to talk to animals for dummies” book and ditch your plan of teaching your monkey sign language because finally Google has really outdone itself this time as it introduces its latest application, Google Translate for Animals.

Translate for Animals is an application in Google’s Android phones. The app is considered a marvelous scientific breakthrough in the field of linguistics. The technology has been developed in partnership with the world’s top language synthesis teams, leaders in the field of animal cognitive linguistics which includes senior fellows at the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

To translate what your animal is saying, all you have to do is turn on the app, select the animal, select record and the device will record the animal talk. The application will then translate into words what your animal is saying.

I wonder what Microsoft should do to beat this technology, perhaps they should think of putting up Dogster or Facebookformonkeys.com.

Watch the youtube video below for a demonstration of Google translate for animals. For more information click here to visit the Google Translate for Animals page.


HAPPY APRIL’S FOOLS DAY 2010 ! 🙂 hehehe if you really believed this entry than it must be the side effects of diet pills already. 🙂

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