Remembering the last seven words of Jesus and His crucifixion

Today is known as crucifixion day or “Good Friday.” Christians today from all over the world, take time to pause, reflect and remember the death of Jesus in the cross. Churches hold services and ministers usually preach on the last seven words of Jesus.

The crucifixion of Christ has become such a familiar subject to all of us that even if we “remind” ourselves about it every year by remembering the last seven words of Jesus, we sometimes fail to really grasp the pain and the agony that Jesus went through in the cross at Calvary. I really wish that I could be transported back in time to witness the crucifixion and hear the last seven words of Jesus. However even if we did not actually witness the actual crucifixion, the Bible gives us a really graphic depiction of the events in Calvary and this is more than enough for me. Every time I meditate and reflect on the crucifixion, I feel humbled thinking that the Son of God has given his life for me.

Fortunately for us in the 20th century we are given the privilege of being able to re-enact the crucifixion and see it on film. The film the passion of the Christ somehow gives as a glimpse of the sufferings of Jesus. Below are three youtube videos that I believe are a great way to help us reflect on the crucifixion. The first video is the events leading to the crucifixion. The second video re-enacts Jesus on the cross saying the last seven words. The last video is my one of my favorite song on the crucifixion “What held you on the cross” by Michael O’Brien.

If you are already a genuine Christian, It is my prayer that through this little post you might be able to reflect on the sufferings of Christ by remembering the last seven words of Jesus and His crucifixion. If you are not yet a Christian, my prayer for you is that you will become one by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. With that I leave you with this verse “For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life” – John 3:16. Honestly speaking this is the best  life insurance quote you could ever read in any fine print !


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