Why I won’t be buying and Apple iPad (At least not for now)

I’m a voracious reader and I dream of owning an Amazon kindle. I waited until the international edition is made available. However until now I didn’t purchase one because I still have books that I need to finish. Also I was waiting for any new development in the market that could further bring down the Amazon Kindle International edition price.

And true enough, a new development came. Weeks ago Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPad, a device that is not only an ebook reader but is one which also lets you do stuff that you could normally do in a laptop in a much cooler way ! The iPad is like an oversized version of an iphone except that you can’t make calls with it.

I’ve never owned any Apple products, although my wife owns an ipod (It was only given to her) Although I acknowledge the superiority of design and engineering of Apple products and the brilliance of Steve Jobs, I’ve never owned any Apple products because they are usually much more expensive compared to other devices that does the same thing.

However the Apple iPad seems to have changed that. Starting at $499 (U.S), it seems that this is probably Apple’s most affordable product considering the bells and whistles that it has to offer. I admit, I have been tempted to ditch my plan to buy a Kindle and get an Apple iPad instead.

But for now I won’t be buying and Apple iPad for the following reasons:

1.) The Apple ipad is a first generation device – I’ve tinkered with gadgets all my life. Experience has taught me never to buy a first generation device. The reason is because most if not all first generation device is fresh out of research and development. Because of this there are always kinks that will soon be discovered. No matter how good the quality control of the company is, there is always an “unseen” defect that is passed on to the buyers of first generation device. Usually it is the second and third generation devices that look much better and have much better features because they build upon the defects of the first generation device. (Remember how ugly the first kindle looked like?) If I am going to buy an ipad, I’ll probably buy the next model.

2.) Possibility of a reduction of price of the Apple ipad – Remember when the Apple iPhone first came out? Two months after that Apple lowered the price. Companies usually do this if the product launching fizzles. Reviews have been mixed so far with regards to the Apple iPad. Some think it is the most brilliant device Apple ever came up with. Others think it’s a total blunder. Others even think that the name sucks! There had been suggestions to slash the price further by $50 to $100. I don’t know if this is ever going happen to the Apple ipad, but it happened to the iPhone so the possibility is not remote.

3.) Availability of lots of books in Apple iPad remains to be seen– If I get an Apple ipad, my primary use for it will be as an ebook reader. If you think about it, it will be worth paying a little bit more for a device that functions more than an ebook reader. Add to this is the fact that it seems much more cool to flip pages in an ipad than a kindle. (See the video and it will make you drool!) Apple says it is working with several book publishers to make ebooks available in the ipad. However it will certainly take some time to have thousands of volumes available in ipad ebook store. Unlike the Amazon Kindle who has been selling ebooks for a long time already, Apple has yet to put up the necessary infrastructure to start selling ebooks. If I am going to buy an Apple ipad I’ve got to make sure a lot of books are already available for download.


4.) Apple iPad competitors could come up with something much better – I’m sure companies like Amazon, Lenovo, Sonny and of course both Microsoft and Google among others are thinking of unveiling a device that as more features and cost much less than the Apple ipad. If somebody comes up with something better, I’ll probably get that one. But if none will match the Apple ipad’s feature and price. I’ll probably get an Apple ipad.

5.) Apple iPad will probably be not available soon in our country – I don’t know how good the distribution channel of Apple is in the Philippines, but usually it will take some time before fresh new technology comes to us. It took a while before Amazon started shipping Kindle to the Philippines, it will probably take several months before the iPad will be made available to Apple iStores here.

So now you too have reasons on why you won’t be buying and Apple iPad, at least not for now. But if somebody gives me an Apple iPad ? Of course I won’t say no!

See the youtube video below to see the features of the Apple iPad:

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5 Responses to Why I won’t be buying and Apple iPad (At least not for now)

  1. strategic says:

    I agree on your thoughts on the new iPad. Not a necessary purchase just like the iPod.

  2. I am quite excited about the ipad, i hope there’ll units you can buy when launched next month

  3. I am totally looking forward to the ipad, ideally there will probably units available for sale as soon as launched next month

  4. Tim Sanchez says:

    Nice stuff Zigfred. I have always been a fan of apple products. They have never let me down. Once I had an I-phone, pretty sure my life changed for the better and the i-pad seems just as useful. I actually found on my iphone companies that I used later on. For example, I used Auto Shipping Network and shipped 2 cars to Germany with them. Great work. Keep up the good work. I suggest you give the ipad a chance!

  5. zigfred says:

    Tim: I’ll think about it 🙂 Thanks for suggestion. 🙂

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