Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 medal standing and tally

Unlike the regular Olympics the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 didn’t create much buzz in our country and I presume neither did it become a buzz in other countries where there is no snow.

Add to this is the fact that the Philippines and other countries where there is no snow did not send a delegation or did only send a limited delegation to the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010. Nevertheless it is still exciting to monitor the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 considering that like the regular Olympics, it is one of the few occasions wherein countries, people and different races from all over the world meet together in the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship. It must be pretty exciting for the delegation from each country to be competing with the best of the world. Equally excited is the citizens of the countries who have sent huge delegations.

I can’t believe the Olympians in the Olympics now a days. Some of them are so big. They must have taken some human growth hormones.

Anyway, here is the latest Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 medal standing and tally.


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