The new Maceren MP-4 or Mclaren MP-4?

Last December 2009,  my uncle told us that a search in the internet revealed that a company is coming up with a concept car and has decided to name the car the “Maceren MP-4”

Naturally we were intrigued that a car would bear the family’s surname. Of course it was kind of cool to know that a car bears your surname (My middle name in my case), not to mention that it is a cool concept sports car!

He showed us a website featuring a really cool looking car that is worthy to be compared to other hot cars like a Ferrari parts, Mercedez or Lamborghini.

When we saw the website we read that the car was called the “Maceren Mp-4” because the blog writer who I believe spoke Spanish wrote it as “El nuevo Maceren MP4- 12C” (Translated as “The New Maceren MP-4”)

Well, I never really gave it much thought until today. I never had a thing for cars. I am contented with my Suzuki Alto. Anyway, I searched the internet for the “Maceren MP-4” but the search engines never revealed what I was looking for.

I forgot what was the URL of the website was so I kind of did a little bit of searching for a needle in a haystack until I found the site which is at


Searching other sites I found out that the car’s name is not the Maceren MP-4 but rather the “Mclaren MP-4.” Somehow inadvertently the writer wrote “Maceren” instead of “Mclaren.” I came to this conclusion because in his site he used “Mclaren” everytime he refers to the MP4 and not “Maceren.” He only used “Maceren” once which was the opening sentence. This led me to the conclusion that this must have been a typo error.

Well, I guess that settles the issue. Anyway, the car’s full name is McLaren MP4-12C, the first in a range of high-performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive. The design was no doubt taken from the McLaren MP4/4 which according to wikipedia was the “most dominant car in the history of Formula One.”

If they had named it the “Maceren MP-4” it would have indeed be so cool! Oh by the way, do you want to drive the car? Not really! But you can check out the ins and outs of the MP-4 here. If you really want to drive the car get ready for the $265,000 price tag. Also, there will only be 1,000 units that will be produced for the first batch, which will be finished on 2011. So hurry! Grab your unit now before supplies last! This is not a paid post. 🙂

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