Dancing queen Acapella by Beatbox and the Company

It was in Sharon Cuneta’s birthday special that I saw the “acapella” rendition of the popular song “Dancing queen.” Said song was first heard way back in 1976 by popular Swedish group ABBA. The song remained popular despite its being released decades ago.

Anyway I am featuring this here because I love acapella. I prefer hearing a blending of all voices without instruments. For me this is the ultimate showcase of singing talent.

The Dancing queen Acapella version was sung by “The Company” (Together with Mega Star Sharon Cuneta ) I’m sure all of you know The company. I have featured them here singing the “Bulaklak” Acapella and the “Boom tarat tarat” jazz version. (in Acapella)

You might be surprised that the youtube video below features the song sung with a beat, well the beat there is not made by any percussion instrument but by voices. This is done by the famous Filipino voice percussions group, Beatbox.

By the way, Sharon looks fat in her T.V show, she should consider using some lipozene.


So without further ad due here is the Dancing queen Acapella by Beatbox and The Company !

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