Cebu Lechon

Cebu is known for a lot of things and one of the things it is famous for is Lechon.

We inherited Lechon from the Spaniards. The word “Lechon” originated from the Spanish term leche (milk). Originally it was meant to refer to a “suckling pig” that is roasted. Nowadays the term Lechon refers to any pig that is roasted, while a suckling pig that is roasted is more specifically is called a “lechon de leche.”

Lechon is roasted all over the country. It is commonly found when there are big occasions such as fiestas and parties. However there are certain parts of the Philippines that make lechon their specialty. In these parts, lechon taste more deliciously than anywhere else in the country. Several places have claimed to have the best tasting lechon in the Philippines. However none can match the famous lechon de Cebu or most commonly called as Cebu Lechon.

However take note that in Cebu, there are several places where you can get lechon. There are hundreds of lechon stalls almost everywhere. Some people think that if you buy lechon anywhere in Cebu you have already tasted the best tasting lechon in the country. Actually this is a misconception. If you want to taste the best lechon in Cebu you need to find out where the best among the best is being roasted.

Hmmm…. Staring at the Lechon makes me so hungry, reminds me to take my best weight loss diet pill.

This may be a bit hard considering that taste is relative and what is delicious depends upon the taste bud of the beholder. But trust me on this, I am from Cebu and I have lived in Cebu for most of my life, and I can tell where exactly in Cebu you can get the best tasting Lechon from Cebu.

The best tasting Cebu lechon I believe can be found in a place 13 kilometers away from Cebu City, the next city to the south of Cebu City which is Talisay City. (This is where I grew up) Almost all people in Cebu who has lived a long time here knows that Talisay City is where the best tasting Cebu lechon can be found. In fact Talisay City has an annual lechon festival which commemorates the glory days of the place being Cebu’s number one lechon maker. Now there are hundreds of lechon makers all over Cebu, but before people used to come to Talisay to get their lechon.


In particular, the best lechon store in Talisay is of course none other than the pioneering lechon makers of Talisay, Mila’s lechon located at Poblacion Talisay City. Unfortunately Mila’s did not do enough marketing and branding of their products.

Second runner up of course is the much more popular CNT lechon which can be found in most big malls and which has a more visible presence in the City and even in Manila. Tied in second place is Alejo’s lechon which is another popular lechon maker in the South.

So if you are ever in Cebu, don’t just buy any cebu lechon. Choose from among these outstanding lechon makers. A warning though, staring at the picture does make you hungry and may want you to fly out to Cebu immediately to get the best tasting Cebu lechon !!! By the way if you are ever in Cebu to grab a lechon, don’t forget to invite me hehehehehehehe:-)

Note: This is not a paid post 🙂 🙂 🙂

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4 Responses to Cebu Lechon

  1. roland panares says:

    Tama po ang nabasa nyo sa post na ito. Try to visit the said establishments once you are in Cebu. However, if you dont want to hassle yourself, you can also order from Manong’s Lechon Cebu, na nakabase po rito sa Metro Manila. Call them at 7032133 or 09205445297. Free delivery within QC area.

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  3. Jim says:


    Thanks for your blog information. Additional information for ALEJOS LECHON you can contact on their business phone (032-2618575).


  4. Amado Tambunting says:

    Hi. My wife and I ordered recently from Manong’s Lechon Cebu (tel. 7032133 or Smart 0920-5445297) and we are here to keep our promise that we will write a comment blog once we have proven that their Cebu lechon is indeed tasty. Sarap talaga. Nandito na sila sa Manila kaya no need to go to the airport to pick your order. Try it.

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