Warren Buffett’s email address and contact information

I’m surprised to see that Warren Buffett’s email address and contact information is one of the most searched in the internet. As you all know I am a big fan of Warren Buffett. I’ve read all the Warren Buffett books that I can and I have done a lot of research about him. I may even have Warren Buffett’s email address and contact number you know *wink*

I am somewhat hesitant **wink wink **to give Warren Buffett’s email address and contact information for the reason that a lot of those seeking to contact him seems to be just asking for donations.

Warren Buffett doesn’t want to waste time. Time to him is gold (literally) so I just don’t want to give you his personal email and contact information if you will waste his time. (That is assuming of course that I have it hehehehe) A recent “dinner for charity” with him was worth $2.1 million dollars. (Just imagine how much a minute with him is worth!)

However if you have a legitimate business concern with Warren Buffett especially if you want him to buy your business, he might be interested to hear you out. Warren Buffett’s email address and contact information is as follows:


3555 Farnam Street

Suite 1440

Omaha, NE 68131, U.S.A

You can email him at berkshireNOSPAM@berkshirehathaway.com (Please remove NOSPAM to reveal the true email address)


You can also visit his holding company’s website at http://www.berkshirehathaway.com/

Of course don’t expect that he will answer your email personally. He gets tons of letters and emails everyday. His staff screens his email and gives him the ones that are really useful to him. Besides he only uses his computer to play bridge, so don’t expect him to email you back if your concern is not important. By the way, never mind getting his mobile phone number because he doesn’t use one either. (As reported in 2006, I don’t know if carries one now, I’ll have to call him up and ask him LOL) 🙂

Lastly, don’t make a comment here asking donations from him. I’m sure it won’t get to him and I have no intention of passing it on to him either. 🙂

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5 Responses to Warren Buffett’s email address and contact information

  1. Roberta Holley says:

    I am not asking for a donation but hoping Mr. Buffett or one his acquaintance might be interested in buying my parents farm in Kentucky. It is 125 acres, 2 barns,2 ponds, 2 outbuildings, cellar, spring, 2 manufactured homes and a 2 story farmhouse that is over 108 years old. They are asking 239,500 but this is negotiable. Please contact me at rmiddleton1980@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks.

  2. obot umana says:

    thanks big brother, keep it up.

  3. didier galindo says:

    Dear mr Buffett my name is Didier Galindo my dream is to be the best hedge fund manager the world has ever had. I dont think i can do it on my own so many great hedge fund managers are already years ahead of me but i will never give up. I know with your help i can really get ahead in life. If it doesen’t work maybe you can take me under your wing so i can learn how to do what you do.I look up to you and love you as if you were my brother or father.can you call me and help me some how. my cell phone number is ******* my e-mail is ******** if you cant help me i understand but i really hope i get a chance to talk to you one day.

  4. zigfred says:

    didier: To be the best hedge fund manager is not to try to become one. Have a business mind. Become a good businessman. Be an intelligent investor, a value investor. Read books on business and value investing. Learn accounting because it is the language of business. You become a better investor because you are a good businessman, and you are become a good businessman because you are a better investor. Above all read the blog of D’Intelligent Investor and learn much from him.

    If and only if you do this will you become like me someday. Wishing you the best in life. – Warren Buffett

  5. Kenneth Degner says:

    I have no where to turn to ask how I can get a plane load of clothes which I haven’t collected yet to the people of the Philippines..With your connections I am sure you can direct me in the right direction..I dont ask a dime from you..All I ask is your time which I know is very valuable…I havent seen any major push to help these people and I am not a rich man at all. I dont make enough to invest being I give every dime I can to make life for the Filipinos that I have contact with..I pay for college for as many as my budget will allow .. I need your direction of who I might contact to have a plane that clothes ..rice …and water to HELP THE PHILIPPINES…

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