Manny Villar song

If there was an award on the most catchy campaign jingle for the 2010 Philippine presidential elections,  I think I will award it to the Manny Villar  song.

Manny Villar has several campaign jingle, but the “Manny Villar song”  which is entitled as “Naging Mahirap” is definitely catchy. The lyrics and music are sung by kids all over the country.  Even my son sings the song every time it is shown in t.v. Surprisingly my wife goes along with it too. I don’t know who the song’s composer is but kudos to you. (Can you imagine the creativity of the composer ? Asking us if we already swam in a pool of garbage ? I would need acne medicine if I did !)

Click here to view the Manny Villar song lyrics of Naging Mahirap

Most people do not know the song’s title, so they just call it as the Manny Villar song. Click below to listen:


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2 Responses to Manny Villar song

  1. Interesting article. Now the question is Will Manny Villar make it to Malacanang. More power to your blog.

  2. HOW, REALLY, DID MANUEL BAMBA VILLAR JR. GET TO BE RICH? It bears to investigate and it can serve the Filipino nation well to know that Manny Villar may actually have broken through from Tondo-ragged accountant to billionaire-rich presidentiable by allowing himself to be used as a foreign investor’s dummy in the Philippine real estate business. You see, the conduct of real estate business in the Philippines is made exclusive by law to Filipino citizens, necessarily because its affairs involve sensitive issues affecting civil rights, territory, sovereignty, patrimony, and national security. Wasn’t that a debonair American who was smilingly visible every day at the offices of Crown Asia Inc. way back before the Villars became political aspirants? Unfortunately, sighting American presence at the Crown Asia Inc. organization deteriorates to zero visibility in hot election weather, especially nowadays! As Manny Villar embarked on a political career, it strategically became imperative to avoid flaks of damaging controversy about being financially beholden to foreign influence, especially from nationalist camps of the likes of then Senator Teofisto Guingona Jr. who was one among legislators instrumental in passing general law limiting real estate business in the Philippines to Filipinos only. In fact, it was from 1997 to 1999 that the bespectacled, middle-aged, happy American investor (silent? fronted? non-express? implied?) of Crown Asia Inc. was last regularly observed at the 18th Floor of Cityland Herrera Tower. Apart from being born with a silver spoon, most of us often have “humble”, sometimes “rotten”, beginnings; yet being transparent about such beginnings can do even more good than harm. The answer may go as far back as Villar’s auditing days at internationally-patronized Sycip Gorres Velayo (SGV) or, perhaps, good Senator Manuel Villar would like to comment on the matter at this time?

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