Free cool Friendster skin and friendster layout

Well, even though facebook is now the new kid on the block when it comes to social networking site, friendster is still alive and kicking and is in fact trying to overhaul its image in an effort to get back the market share that facebook has taken away from them.

Because of this a certain number of people are still looking for Free cool Friendster skin and friendster layout all over the internet. The search for Free cool Friendster skin and friendster layout are not as popular as before though. However there are still some number of people in the Philippines and Indonesia using friendster and searching for it.

I am not really into doing Friendster skin and friendster layout . I just like my plain good old looking friendster page. Besides, I am not a regular into social networking. I check my facebook account only once in a while and I even rarely check my friendster account. By the way I also do not like the word “to skin,” sounds like I have eczema. 🙂 

Anyway for those of you looking for free and cool , friendster skin and friendster layout here are some great sites to get them from:

Friendster Skin
Friendster Layout.Org
Spider Layouts
Free Friendster Skin


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