Free and cool facebook skin, facebook layout and facebook themes

Honestly I feel a pity for friendster. They were the ones who sort of “invented” social networking, and look where they are now. I am sure the owner and investors of friendster wished they sold the company to Google way years ago when a $30 million dollar offer was still on the table.

A lot of people have already abandoned friendster for facebook. People used to search for friendster skin and friendster layout. Nowadays, people are searching more for  facebook skin, facebook layout and facebook themes

I am not really into skinning my social networking profiles, but since people are searching for it, the following links below might help you search for free and cool facebook skin, facebook layout and facebook themes. (By the way I also do not like the idea of “skinning” sounds like skin allergy bedding)

Free Facebook themes

Free Facebook layout


Free Facebook skin

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