Bill Gates email address and contact information

Next to “Warren Buffett email address” another popular email address being searched for in the Internet is of course that of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates. Now I am going to give you his email address and contact information to you but I have to give you a little warning first. **wink**

It does not surprise me if the email addresses and the contact information of both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are some of the most searched in the internet, after all they are two of the world’s richest persons, who have slugged it in the 1st and 2nd place for some years now. Surprisingly the two gentlemen are quite good friends.

So why do people want Bill Gates email address and contact information, well most of them just want some donation. Somehow they expect that Bill Gates will get to share his wealth. After all Bill Gates is a very wealthy man. Time is gold to him in the literal sense. Somebody estimated that one second with Bill Gates is worth $300.00. That means that if he sees a $1000 dollar bill in the ground on his way to the office, he ought to not pick it up because it will cost him much to pick him compared to him reporting to the office. (Picking up a dollar bill would take about 4 seconds, so it’s worth about $1,200 to Bill Gates) (I really think the logic in this one sucks, but anyway its fun to think about it this way) 🙂

Anyway, sorry to disappoint you, Bill Gates has no plans of giving donations to people who write to him asking for donations. It’s not that he is a scrooge, it’s just that it’s better for him to put a meaningful amount of money to do a whole lot of meaningful things through his Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. (Stuff like medical research, education etc.) (I definitely agree with him) So don’t waste your time emailing Bill Gates for donation as he has some more important things to do.

However if you want to get the attention of Bill Gates, I will give you a little tip. If you tell him that you have an ingenious plan to beat Google in the search engine game, then he will probably lend you his ear and personally respond himself.

Anyway, if you want his email address and contact information because you have a way to beat Google contact him at Microsoft headquarters:

Microsoft Corporation

One Microsoft Way


Redmond, WA 98052-7329


Tel: (425) 882-8080

Fax: (425) 706-7329

Bill Gates email address seems to be: However he gets a lot of crap messages such as ads about body building supplements.  (About 4 to 5 million a day), so somebody is filtering his email and forwards the important ones to him. So to get his attention just put in the subject: “I have an idea on how you can beat Google” or something like that. Oh by the way, don’t write in the comment box below asking for donations from him, I have no plans to forward that one to him. 🙂

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