Tiger Woods infidelity scandal saddens Hitler

The internet is bustling about the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal for the past few days. People has been searching for anything related to the Tiger Woods infidelity Scandal and anything related to it such as “Tiger woods infidelity,” “tiger woods mistress photo.” I’m even surprised to see that topping the “hot topic” is “tiger woods Gillette” I was wondering what that is all about. Well it seems that corporate sponsors like Gillette are phasing out Tiger Wood’s ads because of the recent scandals that has rocked the star golfer.

Fans were saddened by the recent unfolding of events and critics made their worst remarks. I cannot imagine how this has affected Tiger’s wife and his children. Tiger Woods is currently going on an Outer Banks vacation rental after what happened.  Surprisingly, even Adolph Hitler was saddened by the recent events that rocked his favorite athlete.  🙂

It seems that the scandal has inspired a lot of youtube videos, both spoofs and mini-documentaries of the recent events. This one seems to be my favorite becuase I consider it as the most funny of all. Forgive me for the foul language in the subtitle, I have no control over it.


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