Read and Share toddler Bible – A book review

When I was accepted in the Thomas Nelson Book review bloggers program, I’ve decided to pick a children’s book because I enjoy reading a story to my son. So I choose the “Read and Share Todler Bible.”

The book arrived and my son was doubly excited as I am. He flipped opened the book and was amused that the book contains a companion DVD which shows very well in our Samsung HDTV.  However he pointed one thing he didn’t like about the DVD, it didn’t contain the last 3 stories of the book which turns out to be his favorite stories, Jesus death and resurrection.

Toddler Bible

The Read and Share Todler Bible is a great reading material for kids & parents. Each story is less than 7 pages making it short & simple for kids to understand. At the end of each story, an interactive learning suggestion like making a craft or acting out the story is suggested. Kids will love the pictures presented and parents will certainly enjoy reading out the simple exciting actions words used. My son and I enjoyed the read and Share Todder Bible and I know you will too!


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