Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez youtube video and live streaming

Let’s get ready to rumble once again as we await the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez youtube video and live streaming in the fight dubbed as “Number one, Numero ono” on September 19, 2009.

Whether you watch it live or via delayed telecast it does not matter. It’s the fight of the year since the winner of this fight will be one who will ultimately fight the number one pound for pound boxer in the world, our very own Manny Pacquiao.

On the right corner is Floyd Mayweather Jr. (39-0, 25 KOs), a six-time world champion from five different divisions who was once dubbed as the best pound for pound boxer in the world and was never technically knocked off from his throne until he resigned, paving the way for Manny Pacquiao to assume the title. Floyd Jr. has just been reunited with his father, Floyd Sr., the famous, trash talking trainer.

On the left corner is Juan Manuel Marquez (50-4-1, 37 KO) who hails from Mexico. He is the current World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization lightweight champion. He has previously held featherweight and super featherweight belts. His first fight with Pacquiao was a draw while he lost his second fight with the Filipino prize fighter via a disputed split decision. Not contented with the outcome, Marquez wants a rematch with Pacquiao that is why this fight is considered by many as the determining factor on whether or not he will face the world’s current reining pound for pound king.

On this fight pretty boy didn’t get to do a quick weight loss, so he has to pay the penalty for not making the weight.

So who will it be for Pacquiao ? Will Juan Manuel Marquez turn the “Pretty boy” ugly by blowing him with “Dinamati” ? Or will your money be on Floyd Mayweather Jr. Personally, I want Pretty Boy to win because I want Manny Pacquiao to kick this proud, arrogan trash talking butt so that his trash talking dad can put his foot where his mouth his and I hope by the time he does that, its already too late.

Update: Mayweather won ! Now finally i hope we have a chance to but him up through our very own Manny Pacquiao !

Finally here is the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez youtube video and live streaming.

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3 Responses to Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez youtube video and live streaming

  1. Nhoel says:

    Walang kwenta ang laban… wala man lang action…or we’re just too used by pacquiao’s fight maybe.


  2. PinayHeaven says:

    No Match fight.. Marquez is so slow.

  3. zigfred says:

    Pinayheaven: Yep I agree, Marquez is too slow

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