Want to win a $1000 ? Follow Ellen DeGeneres twitter

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is giving away $1,000 randomly to somebody who is following the Ellen DeGeneres twitter account.

Believe or not the Ellen DeGeneres twitter account has over 2 million followers. How does she got this number of followers? Well first of all she is a celebrity and her show is popular. Secondly, she gives away a lot of freebies. I wonder if she gives outdoor furniture as freebies.

Ellen DeGeneres is an Emmy Award winning American comedienne, actress and host of the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show. The show’s format has no central and each episode revolves around several topics.

I am really not a fan of Ellen DeGeneres. I don’t like her show at all. It’s too chaotic; it seems that the show has no direction or focus. But I am really surprised that people love it. Well, people love chaos. Hehehehe. If this is a guerilla blog then the Ellen DeGeneres show is a guerilla show hehehehe.:-) I am not alone in this assessment Film director Andrew Stanton chose her to play the role of Dory, a fish with a short term memory loss in the animated film finding Nemo because according to him, ” she changed the subject five times before one sentence had finished” on her show. 🙂

By the way I can’t follow Ellen DeGeneres twitter account because something is wrong with my twitter account. It keeps on asking me to change passwords. Later on because of these “strange” activities, I my account has been suspended. For the past few weeks twitter has behaved strangely. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Perhaps I should sue them for letting me loose the opportunity of winning $1,000.00 hehehehehe 🙂


Anyway if you want to follow the Ellen DeGeneres twitter account her twitter is http://twitter.com/theEllenShow

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4 Responses to Want to win a $1000 ? Follow Ellen DeGeneres twitter

  1. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the best talk show host that i have ever seen. She is smart and funny too

  2. Anne says:

    I love Ellen show. Anything goes in there.

  3. Mike Rowe says:

    Ellen Degeneres is probably one of the best talk show hosts that i have ever seen. She is very lively and perky.

  4. Kalee says:

    Ellen Degeneres will be a judge in the latest american idol. Hope she do well in american idol.

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