The Philippines, still home of the world’s smallest deer?

News recently came out that the world’s smallest deer,  Rupert was born. Actually there seem to be a mistake in the headlines. Rupert is not the world’s smallest deer, Rupert is the world’s smallest deer ever to be born. Rupert’s mother was hit be a car. Veterinarians had to do a cesarean section on his mother in order to deliver the baby deer. Rupert only weighed, 500 grams and was only 6 inches tall making him hold the record of the world’s smallest deer ever to be born.

For a number of years, the Philippines used to be known as the home of the world’s smallest deer which is the Philippine Mouse-deer. The Philippine Mouse deer can only be found in Balabac and nearby smaller islands south-west of Palawan in the Philippines.

Now they say that they have discovered the smallest deer somewhere in the Himalayas. This new record holder for the world’s smallest deer weighs about 11 kilograms (24 pounds) and stands 60 to 80 centimeters (24 to 31 inches) tall.

Well, if this is true then the  the Philippines is not home anymore of the world’s smallest deer, then we better get some home insurance. Well not really 🙂 Besides, even if the world’s smallest deer were not discovered, if Filipinos will continue abusing the environment, the Philippines will soon cease to become the home of the world’s smallest deer due to extensive deforostation and destruction of virigin rain forests that are considered as the natural habitat of what was once known as the world’s smallest deer.


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