The good and bad news about the Chevy Volt

I’ve got both good news and bad news about the Chevy Volt.  Let’s start with the good news first.


General Motor’s has come with a car that lets you save a lot on gasoline ! The car is so efficient that you get 230 miles per gallon out of it on ordinary city driving. Introducing the new Chevy Volt

230 miles per gallon ? You got to be kidding me ! That’s about 368 Kilometers per 3.4 liters or roughly 108 kilometers for every liter of gasoline! But that’s what the new Chevy Volt, General Motor’s (GM) new electric car promises to deliver to customers. In Kilowatt hour, the Chevy volt will use 25 kilowatt hours per every 100 miles driven.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, you can drive the Chevy volt up to around 40 miles after which you can plug it in an ordinary outlet to recharge. For longer driving the Chevy Volt uses a small gas-powered engine.

The Chevy Volt is perhaps GM’s renewed effort to catch up with the market. The Chevy Volt could indeed deliver a boost to GM’s sales and certainly boost GM’s environment friendly image.

Wow ! The Chevy Volt is certainly good news for consumers, GM stake holders and of course the environment.


Chevy Volt


Well for starters the domestic launching for the Chevy Volt (That is in the U.S) is still in 2010 (And when would this arrive in the Philippines, after a decade ? heheheh) The price tag is about $40,000.00. (Almost 2 million Philippine pesos) And the worst of all the bad news ? Well the Philippines has one of the highest cost of electricity in Asia. Driving your Chevy Volt here might save you a lot on gasoline and heck you might even save the environment. But you might end up paying more for electricity than you usually do. You’d probably end up saving more if you wil ljust walk ! You could perhaps loose some weight too. (However an exercise equipment would be more appropriate for this hehehe)  So lemme out of here and let me drive my Suzuki Alto !

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  1. Tech says:

    After the bankruptcy GM had to come out with a game changer.

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