Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion youtube video and live streaming

It’s boxing fans day once again as The Filipino Flash, Nonito Donaire trades fists with Panamanian boxer, The Little Bull, Rafael “El Torita” Concepcion on August 15, 2009 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada in the fight dubbed as Pinoy Power 2.

Boxing Aficionados all over the world will be searching for the Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion youtube video and live streaming so I am getting ready for the traffic as well hehehehe.

Because of his speed and reflexes Nonito Donaire is nicknamed the “Filipino Flash.” Donaire holds an impressive 21 wins with 14 knockouts and 1 loss.

The little bull on the other hand, Rafael Concepcion, remember him? He was the one who came to Cebu and was considered as the “underdog” but surprisingly stunned the Cebu crowd when he beat AJ Bazoka Banal in the most unholy fight in boxing history. Check out my post on it “Laban na banal – The AJ Banal vs. Rafael Concepcion youtube video” That fight earned Rafael Concepcion the WBA Interim Super Flyweight Title which became his ticket to even more bigger fights. However his lucky charm did not work out for him well because he lost his next fight at the 9th round against Jorge Arce. This leaves El Torito with 13 wins 3 losses and 1 draw.

The fight this coming is supposed to be a titled fight for the World Super Flyweight championship. However Rafael Concepcion was 4.5 pounds overweight so he will be fined and will be disqualified from winning the belt no matter what the outcome of the fight is. Anyway the show must go on. If Nonito Donaire wins this, then he hits three birds with one stone, he gets the belt, it’s his ticket to bigger fights and he avenges all Filipino warriors for what the little Bull did to the Bazooka in his own home turf.

In this fight another Filipino rising star in the world of boxing will do battle. Bernabe “Abe” Kamaong Llave (“Wrench Fist”) Concepcion faces world feather weight champion Steven Luevano.

So where’s your money at? The Filipino flash or do you wish that El Torito will once again work his magic and come out with one lucky punch ? Find out more and see the Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion youtube video and live streaming.(Boy ! I should take my fat burners so that I could sculpt my body just like those boxers !)


Update: The Filipino flash wins the fight and grabs the title ! Mabuhay ang Pinoy !

Finally here is the Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion youtube video and live streaming:

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