Ninoy Aquino is alive!

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Yestrerday was a non-working holiday in observance of the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino who was shot to death at the former Manila International Airport about 26 years. (August 21, 1983)

In the words of former Senate President Jovito Salonga, Ninoy Aquino whose real name was “Benigno Servillano “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr.” was the greatest president that we never had. Born to a prosperous family of hacienderos in Concepcion Tarlac, Ninoy Aquino came from a family involved in the country’s political giants. His grandfather served under President Emilio Aguinaldo while his father served under Presidents Manuel L. Quezon and Jose Laurel. After a stint in journalism, Ninoy Aquino became a municipal mayor, vice governor and governor. He was elected as senator at age 34, making him hold the record of being the youngest Philippine senator. As a Senator, Ninoy Aquino was a “Fiscalizer” blasting the extravagance, evils, graft and corruption of the Marcos regime. The Philippine Free Press magazine selected him as one of the nation’s most outstanding senators. Because he earned such distinctions at a very young age, Ninoy Aquino became known as the “Wonder Boy” of Philippine politics.

His fervent opposition to the excesses of the Marcos government led to his being falsely accused of several crimes. He was imprisoned for more than 7 years after which he was allowed to go to the United States for a heart bypass provided that he promises two things. First, that he will return and secondly that while in the United States he will not speak out against the Marcos regime.

Initially, he intended to keep both promises, but decided later on to renounce it because of the dictates of national interest. He thus continued to speak in freedom rallies, symposiums and lectures against martial law and the Marcos dictatorship. He decided to go back to the Philippines in the hope of rallying the people to stand up against the Marcos regime, however upon deplaning he was shot to death. His death sparked the peaceful “People Power” revolution three years after ending more than 20 years of Marcos rule in the country.

Without Ninoy Aquino there would be no President Cory Aquino, one of our greatest presidents who is known as the mother of Philippine democracy and an icon of democracy all over the world and who left a great legacy of establishing freedom and democracy. Without the boldness, courage, indomitable spirit and integrity of Ninoy Aquino, President Cory Aquino would not have able to leave one of her greatest legacy which is integrity. Without the sacrifices of Ninoy Aquino, there would be no Edsa People Power revolution; there would be no freedom for the Filipino people and this great country would still be in the darkness under the regime of another dictator. Indeed in the famous quote of Ninoy Aquino, the Filipino people “. . . is certainly worth dying for.” Ninoy Aquino is indeed one of our greatest Philippine heroes.


But what’s this news about Ninoy Aquino being alive and seen all over the country? Yes he is alive!!! He lives in you and me, ordinary Filipino citizens from all walks of life doing our own little sacrifices for the good of the country. Simply obeying traffic rules, picking up trash, doing good to our fellow countrymen, contributing to nation building in our own little ways and being proud to be a Filipino makes us a Ninoy Aquino. Ninoy Aquino is indeed alive and he lives in all of us who are willing to make sacrifices for the good of the country. We may not give the ultimate sacrifice of laying down our lives but we can each do our part to be good citizens. So be a hero today, be a Ninoy Aquino !

Are you a Ninoy Aquino ? Watch this youtube video on how you can become one !

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