Mid-year economic briefing on the Philippine economy: In Recess or in Recession?

I just learned from Ronnie Mangubat , one of my batch mates from the Street Strategists Financial literacy seminar Batch 16 that the University of Asia & the Pacific in cooperation with the UA&P Alumni Association will be conducting a “Mid-year economic briefing on the Philippine economy: In Recess or in Recession”

This briefing will be somewhat helpful to those who are in business and those who are functioning as business plan consultant since this will give us a glimpse of what we can expect for the next year or so. Although economic briefings are just forecast and sometimes if not most of the times, some economic forecast will be far from what is actual happening, knowing what some economist thinks might be of actual help. If you are also new to exploring the world of business, finance, economics and even the stock market, you might also be interested in listening to this as the more you will be exposed to this kind of stuff, the more you will learn.

The event will be held at the Casino Espanol, Madrid Room, Ranudo St., Cebu City on July 31, 2009, Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 nn.

Dr. Victor Abola and Dr. Emilio Antonio Professors of the School of Economics University of Asia & the Pacific will be conducting the economic briefing. They will be tackling the following topics:

• World Economy, What is Happening
• Updates on Philippine Economy
• Global Events on Financial crisis and Recession
• Foreign Trade & Investments Opportunities
• High Growth Industries
• Philippine Exports
• Updates on Securities & Financial Markets
• Macroeconomic Forecast for 2009 & beyond


If you remember as I mentioned in my blog post on President Gloria Macpagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address 2009, the University of the Asia Pacific, school of economics is the one that declared in public that the “. . . Cute economist is the most likely president to have her economic legacy felt by future generations . . .” So I guess this is one thing that makes their economic briefing really interesting.

Registration fee is P1,500.00 inclusive of snacks and handouts You can call Jojo at 2534411 or 2534427.. If you are planning to pay by check make it payable to: University of Asia & the Pacific.

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