Upcoming seminars on how to invest in the Philippine stock market

I’ve been ranting about stock market investments since the inception of this blog. I know there are a lot of you who are very interested on how to invest in the Philippine stock market. Many of you are in fact wishing that investing in the stock market was made part in our high school or college curriculum. (Although there are moves now by the Philippine stock exchange to include the subject matter as part of high school curriculum.

Investing in the stock market does not only seem fun exciting and sophisticated, it also gives you real return on your money that is IF YOU KNOW EXACLTY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. You might want to read my post on the advantages of investing in the Philippine stock market. Stories of fortunes and failures abound in the stock market. To prove my point that you can make money in the stock market you might want to read my post “Applying value investing in the Philippine stock market

Anyway if you want both an introductory and comprehensive course on how to invest in the Philippine stock market check these seminars out.

PSE-GCIC Stock Market investing Seminar
When: June 15 to 17 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Global City Innovative College, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila
Cost: P 5,000.00
Click here for more details on the PSE-GCIC Stock Market investing Seminar

AET-PSE Practical Trading Seminars
When: Almost every month for the year 2009 for all modules
Where: Philippine Stock exchange training room at the PSE Centre exchange Road in Ortigas
Cost: P 5,000 for modules 1 to 3 (Covers Introduction and technical analysis) and Module 4 cost P 3,000 (futon covers fundamental analysis)

Click here for more details on the AET-PSE Stock Market investing Seminar

Both seminars are equally good, has good speakers and is definitely worth your money. Personally I however prefer the AET-PSE seminar because you get an actual tour of the Philippine stock exchange gallery. Their seminar for modules 1 to 3 is also just for one day, so this is an added advantage for those who do not live in Metro Manila. The PSE-GCIC seminar is however much cheaper and includes a bonus seminar on equity portfolio management.(The portfolio management seminar will probably espouse the modern portfolio theory which for me is not very advisable. For more on this check out my post entitled “What is the best portfolio diversification strategy”)

Although the topics are almost similar, if you want you can attend both seminars in order to get the best of both and to let the information sink in deeper.


For those who can’t attend the above seminars due to budget and distance constraints you might want to attend the free seminar this month of June 2009 offered by the PSE in the upcoming Cebu-Leyte PSE road show. For more details check out my post entitled “Philippine stock exchange in Cebu!

A word of caution though, I’ve always emphasized value investing and most of those who lecture on stock market investments most likely will always emphasize technical analysis although the seminars above includes a part on Fundamental analysis. For me, technical analysis is just good to know but has little benefit to value investors. At least you get an idea on what it is, but always remember I believe that value investing is the best strategy in investing in the Philippine stock market or any stock market for that matter. I look forward to the day when value investing seminars will be offered to the public ! Since nobody is offering this now, I suggest you read books about the subject. Click here to get Value investing books or Warren Buffett books at my Guerilla blogger eStore.

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8 Responses to Upcoming seminars on how to invest in the Philippine stock market

  1. Thanks for these, Zig!

    I’ve been into stock investing for months now… so far, learning.

  2. zigfred says:

    X: That’s great ! Keep on learning. I’m sure you will become a seasoned veteran soon ! 🙂

  3. jlt says:

    Sir, may alam ba kayong seminars na ka-schedules sa saturdays?
    I’ve been trading since last Jan-09, so far so good naman. Pero gusto ko sanang magkaroon ng formal trainings in fundamental & technical analysis.

    You have a very inspiring site & articles. Keep posting po and more power.

  4. zigfred says:

    jlt: So far wala pa pag mayron akong alam anyway I will be posting it here. I know that absolute traders conducts daily seminars. I know where they are in Cebu, but I don’t know where they are located in Manila. Also Absolute traders only teach purely technical analysis.

    Thanks so much for your support of this blog.

  5. cor says:

    thank you for this article. Im still starting out. i was looking for seminars and this blog has helped me a lot.

  6. zigfred says:

    cor: Glad to be of help. Visit my new stock market investing blog at http://www.stockmarket-investing.com

  7. lalaine deuida says:

    i want to learn too. how can I? PLEASE HELP ME

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    Also part of the e-Learning component are materials that furnish market practitioners with information on securities licensure examinations, stock market courses and trainings.

    Begin your investor education today and join the PSE Academy!

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