Trying out the latest Boracay hotels for our 8th wedding anniversary

To celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, my wife and I together with our son and two household helps Londer and Lalay spent 4 days and 3 nights in the beautiful island of Boracay.

It is not our first time to visit this lovely place. This is the third time that my wife has visited here, while it is my second time. For both my household helps and my son, this is their first time. The first time I was here was in 2007. Right after taking my lawyer’s oath, my wife and I went here to celebrate.

My parents have never been to this place so when they heard that we were going, the decided to join us. However since they booked their tickets late, we flew in several hours earlier.

What’s interesting about this visit is that we also tried the latest hotel here which is the Crown Regency  located in Station 3. We used our free coupons (courtesy of Club Ultima) for our stay here.

Crown Regency is putting up several Boracay hotels here. I’ve heard that they are planning to put one in every station plus a huge facility which could probably be Boracay’s largest convention center.

Anyway we had such a great time. For several days we satisfied our gastronomic cravings by trying out different buffet places for dinner. One of the best we tried out is the Sea Breeze café at the Boracay Regency. For desert the best we had was probably the “Fruits and Ice Cream” parlor in station 2 located at the Sands hotel just near where we were staying. Good thing I brought my diet pills, otherwise I would have gained a lot more weight 🙂

To go places, we prefer to walk along the beach. The farthest we went was walking all the way to station 1 which is a distance of almost 4 kilometers.


We enjoyed basking in the white sands and swimming in the crystal clear waters. We also went snorkeling and boating and was informed that Manny Pacquiao had a resort near Station 1. The row of white houses you can see in the pictures is Pacquiao’s mansion here.

All good things must come to an end so we flew back to Cebu on Sunday morning. That was the time when Manny Pacquiao had a fight with Ricky Hatton. The pilot jubilantly announced that Pacquiao had beaten Hatton in the 2nd round eliciting applauses from the passengers.

And what souvenir items did I bring back from Paradise Island? Well I bought a shirt, a picture frame, some magnets for the fridge and some Crocs (as shown in the picture) which Crown Regency was selling for just half the price ! I also bought some keychain and t-shirts for my friends. Prices for such item are very reasonable. T-shirts sell for only P 150 buy one take one while the keychain and the fridge magnets sell for only P 100 for 7 pieces. Of course the best souvenir I got were the good memories that I have of this little piece of paradise on earth.

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3 Responses to Trying out the latest Boracay hotels for our 8th wedding anniversary

  1. ninia says:

    this is definitely one little piece of paradise on earth.. such a lovely place to make fun laughters and memories with a few important persons in our lives.. i haven’t stepped in boracay’s territory ever but i am hoping to get there soon.

  2. tianexx says:

    I haven’t been there. I really wish I could go there someday. I still have to wait for my adsense to increase..hehehe!
    Sir, thank you diay sa comment ug info. We are planning to join Rehorse indie film making contest if naay tym..mga inamaw lng ghapon..hehe =)

  3. hello,

    I went to boracay too, and i really enjoyed the white beach and i bought shirt and picture frame like yours as my souvenirs in boracay.

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