Want to loose weight? Sleep well

Traditional weight loss theories tell us that we either do something positive or negative in order to loose weight. To do something positive could probably mean exercising, having a more active lifestyle, drinking some kind of weight loose pill or getting surgery. Doing something negative may involve calorie counting, limiting food intake, going into a diet etc. etc.

But what about doing something that is neither positive nor negative? What about doing nothing at all? Enter a new paradigm in weight loss, loosing weight by sleeping well.

Study shows that sleep deprived individuals are more likely to be obese. I am neither a medical doctor nor a scientist, and it is best to first consult your doctor about this. However doing some online research, I found that such new thinking has a scientific basis.

In order to understand this more simply let me introduce to you two hormones in our bodies known as Leptin and Ghrelin.

Leptin regulates the appetite, metabolism and calorie burning. It tells your brain that you are already full. It is also responsible in telling your body when it should start burning calories and when it should create energy so that your body could use such. When you sleep, the level of Leptin increases and tells your brain that your body has sufficient energy and that there is not need for you to feel hungry or that you need to burn up calories. Lack of sleep causes your Leptin level to decrease. This in turns makes your brain think that you lack energy. To compensate for this, your brain tells you that you are hungry when in reality you don’t need to eat. Decrease in Leptin levels also tells your body to store the calories you just ate as fat as reserve energy next time you need it. In short decrease in Leptin levels results to feeling hungry and also has the effect of slowing down your metabolism.

On the other hand Ghrelin is the exact opposite of Leptin. Ghrelin tells your body when to eat, when to stop burning calories and when to store energy as fat. When you sleep the level of Ghrelin in your body decreases. Lack of sleep causes Ghrelin levels to increase and the body ends up thinking that it is hungry and that it needs more calories. Another effect is that the body stops burning calories because it thinks it lacks such.


It is recommended that you get at least 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep a day to properly balance your body hormones. What is important is not only the quantity of hours that you sleep but the quality of your sleep. You need to have a proper restful sleep. In order to get this you might want to check out Stemulite, a break through, all natural formula that induces deep REM sleep which leads to increased muscle endurance, increased weight and fat loss and gives you more energy.

Want to know more about Stemulite ? Click on the youtube video below:

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