The Ramon Magsaysay Credo

“He who has less in life should have more in law”  This one of the most popular phrase that the great president, Ramon Magsaysay, the champion of the masses is best remembered for.

Law students are quite familiar with the statement as this has often been used in law school most especially in the subjects of Political law and Labor law. More often the phrase is used in Labor law especially in decided cases wherein the Supreme Court favors the argument of laborers.

I have decided to write about this because one of my readers dropped me a comment and asked exactly in what speech did “Ramy” as what he called him, used that phrase. He was asking this question in connection to the post I wrote entitled “Giving more of the law to those who have less in life.”

Well, the phrase “ . .. He who has less in life should have more in law” is taken from what we know as the “Ramon Magsaysay Credo.” The Ramon Masaysay Credo is a ten point credo that the great President tried to live by when he was in power. These were his “core” values so to speak. The complete ten point credo is as follows:

I believe that government starts at the bottom and moves upward, for government exists for the welfare of the masses of the nation.I believe that he who has less in life should have more in law.I believe that the little man is fundamentally entitled to a little bit more food in his stomach, a little more cloth in his back and a little more roof over his head.I believe that this nation is endowed with a vibrant and stout heart, and possesses untapped capabilities and incredible resiliency.I believe that a high and unwavering sense of morality should pervade all spheres of governmental activity.

I believe that the pulse of government should be strong and steady, and the men at the helm imbued with missionary zeal.

I believe in the majesty of constitutional and legal processes, in the inviolability of human rights.

I believe that the free world is collectively strong, and that there is neither need or reason to compromise the dignity of man.

I believe that communism is iniquity, as is the violence it does to the principles of Christianity.

I believe that the President should set the example of a big heart, an honest mind, sound instincts, the virtue of healthy impatience and an abiding love for the common man.


You can find the familiar phrase “He who has less in life should have more in law” in the second line.

I firmly believe that the Ramon Magsaysay credo was not merely rhetoric. He was not the type of president who just sat around in Malacanang sitting comfortably in a cozy chair with patio furniture covers. For me Ramon Magsaysay was the greatest president that the Philippines ever had. Were it not for his untimely death, I believe the Philippines would be in far better shape than where we are right now. Ramon Magsaysay was a man who practiced what he preached. A lot of stories about how he was truly a champion of the masses and how he lived the ten point credo has been told and passed on from generation to generation. It was only in the time of President Magsaysay that public confidence in the government was so high.

Although President Magsaysay was accused of being an “Amboy,” (Pro-American boy) that was the only thing that his detractors can ever accused him of. But they never can question the man’s integrity.

During his 50th death anniversary, I paid my respects to the man. Together with my friends we visited Mount Manunggal in Balamban Cebu for the first time. This is the site where Ramon Magsaysay’s plane crashed resulting to his immediate death. In his death the Philippines not only lost a president but it lost its greatest president.

In the post entitled “Too much politics killed Andres Bonifacio” I wrote that the dream of a building a “just and human society” died with Andres Bonifacio in Mount Nagpatong in Maragondon, Cavite. This time I will add that the dream of the Filipino people “. . . establishing a government that shall embody our ideals” died with President Ramon Magsaysay in Mount Manunggal in Balamban Cebu.

I hope this answers the question as to where such great statement was taken from.

Nestor Mata, the lone survivor in the Magsaysay plane crash wrote in an article that President Magsaysay “ . .. inspired so much trust and so much love in the Filipino people that no other president, before and since, ever did.”

I hope that the words of Mr. Mata may not become prophetic. I hope that someday another great Philippine President will rise up and take to heart the ten point Ramon Magsaysay Credo and I hope that this president will even surpass the achievements of the great Ramon Magsaysay.

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  1. ninia says:

    wow, how impelling… this is the first time i read about ramon magsaysay’s awe-inspiring credo. it’s so amazing how he used simple yet provoking words that could inspire anyone who reads this. i’ve been to mt. manunggal three years ago to celebrate his death anniversary along with my friends. yes, he was a man of integrity and a man who has inspired filipinos to live life according to his ideals. and still he is….

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