Katrina Halili, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Vicki Belo, Maricar Reyes, Hayden Kho video scandal?

Headlines now for the past few days are filled with the Katrina Halili Hayden Kho video scandal. Other big celebrity names such as Ruffa Mae Quinto, Models and celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Maricar Reyes has been drag into the mess. It is reported that Dr. Hayden Kho has reported his encounters with more than 40 high profile women.

Gee, this Hayden Kho is certainly something I hope he doesn’t develop mesothelioma as payback for all the bad things he did to these women.

The scandal has rocked the entire Philippine nation. The circumstances surrounding it has become the subject of jokes and chit chats among ordinary Filipinos.

Interestingly enough the word scandal comes from the greek word meaning “Trap.” Hayden Kho has literally set a “trap” to clandestinely video tape his intimate moments with high profile women. Ironically, he has been caught in his own trap as well.

When news of this broke out, I wanted to blog about it but I sort of put it off because I thought the interest of the public regarding this matter would wane. Well for several days now it has still been in the major headlines so I guess this keyword is no different from the pinay scandal keyword which until now has been bringing this blog a substantial amount of traffic.


I am one with the public in condemning Dr. Hayden Kho. He deserves to be punished for what he did. However what is more scandalous to me is the fact that this problem about voyeurism has been with us for a long time. We already had the Betamax scandals as early as the 80s. How is it that until now there are still no harsh laws against this? What on earth are our law makers doing? Secondly, it is only now when this scandal broke out that the government has been intensifying its crack down on the sale of pornographic DVDs being sold in the streets. Why does it have to take for this to happen before actions like this are being taken? I do hope that once interest in this issue will subside that the government will continue its crack down on the sale of pornographic DVDs in the streets.

Anyway, if you are looking for any of the following video scandals those of Katrina Halili, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Vicki Belo, Maricar Reyes, Hayden Kho video scandal, I am sorry but I do not havethem here and I do not intend to promote it.

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3 Responses to Katrina Halili, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Vicki Belo, Maricar Reyes, Hayden Kho video scandal?

  1. grabe si Hayden Kho.. whos next Madam Auring? hahaha

  2. zigfred says:

    freelancing: O nga eh grabe ngayon pati si KC concepcion sinali na sa gulo. Ang ma lala kapag si Gloria isali pa hehehehe 🙂

  3. ninia says:

    nawani ang swine flu pandemic when the scandal broke out… how distressing it is to know that people in the senate are putting so much time on these issues while in fact we have more important concerns/problems to address upon in the country today. i don’t know if it’s right to say this, but for me it’s senseless…

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