Looking for a great remedial law reviewer ? – Check this one out!

I’ve received an email from my mentor and good friend Prof. Manuel Riguera, that the first edition, Volume 1 – Civil Procedure of his “Primer-reviewer on Remedial law” is now available in all Central Bookstores nationwide.

He told me that he was writing a reader friendly remedial law reviewer last year and now it is finally available!

Professor Manuel Riguera graduated from the Ateneo de Manila School of law. Currently, he teaches Remedial law subjects at the University of Perpetual Help Dalta College of law and the Far Easter University Institute of law. A renowned bar exam reviewer and an MCLE lecturer on Remedial law, he heads the litigation department of the Riguera & Riguera law office. He is also one of the founders and currently the review director of Jurists Bar Review center.

remedial-law-reviewer-2This remedial law reviewer is primarily intended for those reviewing for the bar exam. Its reader friendly Q & A format is also very helpful for those still in law school. It is also great for the practitioner as it includes salient cases and recent Supreme Court issuances.

I hope professor Rigera will release other volumes of this great remedial law reviewer in the near future.


So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of this one of a kind remedial law reviewer today!

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6 Responses to Looking for a great remedial law reviewer ? – Check this one out!

  1. Karen Lopez says:

    I bought a copy of the book. In fact, I am using it in my review. The book is well-written that makes me catch up with my review in remedial law.

  2. zigfred says:

    Karen: That’s great, I just got my copy too. I wish I had this when I was still reviewing for the bar 🙂 Great site by the way.

  3. an gen says:

    Hi! I bought the reviewer last week and it really helps in my follow up study for civil procedure. I would love to have my hands on the Pareto Notes but I was informed by N.S. that the stocks will be arriving next month.(Im from the province!)
    Anyway , anymore recommended books or reviewers especially in Political law?
    Many thanks!!!

  4. Christian P. castro says:

    Very good book. Nice format and style. For me, it also matters the kind of paper used and the font. Great job from Prof. Riguera. The book gives me confidence… For those who are searching for a reader friendly TAX LAW REVIEWER check out the book of Prof. Francis Sababan. This is a new book. Easy to read AND understand talaga.

  5. zigfred says:

    an gen: Hi. I can ship you the Lex Pareto Notes for a certain price. Check out our site at http://www.lexparetonotes.blogspot.com or email me for details at lexparetonotesNOSPAM@gmail.com (Remove NOSPAM to reveal true email address)

    The best book I can recommend for political law is the Nachura reviewer. (aside from the fact that Nachura is the bar chairman this year) Unfortunately copies of the book are very hard to obtain. Try San Sabestian perhaps they still have a copy of the Nachura reviewer.

  6. zigfred says:

    Christian: Yep one of the best remedial law reviewers ever written. I hope my good friend Prof. Riguera can finish the other volumes soon.

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