Gerry Penalosa vs. Juan Manuel Lopez youtube video and live streaming

Veteran boxer Gerry Penalosa faced the ultimate challenge of his lifetime as he battled Juan Manual Lopez of Puerte Rico on April 25, 2009 at Bayamon, Puerto Rico for the World Boxing Organization Super Bantamweight Championship.

Take note that the words I am using is in the past tense since I did not get to write up an advance post optimizing for this fight. I knew about the fight as early as February when I made a post about Penalosa’s fight with German Meraz, but I forgot all about it. Now I hope I can still capture the traffic from people looking for the Gerry Penalosa vs. Juan Manuel Lopez youtube video and live streaming.

Despite drawing inspiration from the Donaire and the Villoria fights, the very technical and intelligent fighter failed to continue the Filipino boxing warriors’ winning streak. As I am writing this post, I’ve read preliminary reports that the “Fearless” succumb to fear as he lost in the 9th round via technical knockout, with the fight being stopped by his own coach, the legendary Freddie Roach. Good thing Roach stopped the fight, otherwise Penalosa will need an AED.

This brings Penalosa’s record to a total of 62 fights, 54 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws, while the young still undefeated Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez advanced to 25 “all win” fights with 23 knockouts.

Finally here is the  Gerry Penalosa vs. Juan Manuel Lopez youtube video but not exactly live streaming 🙂 (Shown are Rounds 7 to 9 of the fight)


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