Brian Viloria vs. Ulisses Solis youtube video and live streaming

What do you get when you put a Filipino Fighter and a Mexican slugger in the ring? A great fight! Which we will all hopefully witness this coming April 18, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum Philippines, when Brian “The Hawaian punch” Viloria will trade fists with Ulisses “Archie” Solis in the fight dubbed as “The Fast and the Furious.”

Brian “The Hawaian punch” Viloria is called such not because he drinks too much of a Hawaian punch but because he was born in Hawaii but is of Filipino ancestry. When hit by Viloria’s fists, opponents will be dazed as if they are having too much of a Hawaiian punch. (The drink) hehehehe. This Fil-Am fighter has an impressive 24-2-0 record with 14 knock outs.

Trading fists with Viloria is the current IBF light-flyweight champion, Ulisses Solis with a solid 28-1-2 record with 20 knock outs. This Mexican knockout artists has defended his title eight times since holding it last 2008.

It remains to be seen on whether or not Ulisses Solis will get dazed by drinking too much of the Hawaian punch, or will Viloria finally get a taste of what Ulisses Solis ‘nick name means and that is “True and Bold.” (I don’t know why in the world is his boxing nickname “Archie”. If you know why, drop me a comment. Let me guess perhaps he looks like Archie as in Archie Andrews in the comic books? hehehehehe) 🙂 I personally hope that Ulisses Solis availed of cheap life insurance when he gets knocked out by Viloria !

Another Filipino-American Fighter will also see action in this fight. Brian Viloria will slug it out with Raul Martinez. Click here to view the Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez youtube video and live streaming

You may not be able to view the  fight instantly, but I will upload it soon, once the fight is done.


Update: Viloria wins in the 11th round ! See the youtube video below:

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