A Change in my life Acapella, Lyrics and youtube video

I first heard the song “A Change in my life” in the movie “Leap of Faith” starring Steve Martin who played the role of “Jonas Nightingale,” a fraudulent “Christian” faith healer whose story is somehow taken from the a page of every modern day televangelist whose money making ministries bears a striking similarity to the fictional Jonas Nightingale. Sadly, I didn’t get to watch the movie in HDTV.

Well as much as I am tempted to write a stinging commentary regarding these modern day prophet of profits, I will reserve that for another post, for now I will just talk about the song “A Change in my life”

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In the movie, the song “A change in my life” was sung by “The Angels of mercy” which in my opinion did a great job in singing the song as well as other songs. I don’t know if there is a real singing group “Angels of mercy,” but they did a fantastic job as Jonas Nightingale’s choir.

“A change in my life” is composed for the singing acapella group “Rockapella” who by the way has other excellent acapella songs, which I will feature later on. You could get some Rockapella albums at my Guerilla blogger estore.

I’ve searched far and wide for the song and who would expect that I would find it in youtube ? I’ve always loved acapella and I was fascinated by the song.

I don’t know of the composer of the song is a Christian but the lyrics convey a Gospel message. The lyrics of “A Change in my life” are as follows:

I – Standing cold and scared on top of blue hill,
There came one moment, when I lost my will.
I prayed for mercy, please lord take me away.
Oh give me sunshine where I only see grey.
My past had a hold on me, it can’t be denied,
And the changes don’t come easily.

Chorus: I’ve been lonely, I’ve been cheated,
I’ve been misunderstood
I’ve been washed up, I’ve been put down,
And told I’m no good
But with you I belong,
Cause you help me be strong,
There’s a change in my life,
Since you came along.

II – Now I don’t mind working so hard every day.
And I don’t pay no mind to what people say.
‘Cause after all the pain I’ve been through
Lord knows I’d give up everything
Just to love only you
All my life I’d held my head bent in shame,
But now I’ve found you, and with you
I’ll remain, Lord knows.

Repeat Chorus


A man gets crazy when his life is all wrong,
And a heart gets weary when it doesn’t belong.
When the road gets rocky Lord
You’ve got to keep on.
Let the new light come shining on through.

If you still haven’t heard the song “A Change in my life”, check out the youtube video below for a clip from the movie “Leap of faith”

For a complete version of “A Change in my life” as sung by Rockapella click on the youtube video below:

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