Why the Amazon Kindle 2 sucks

I wrote about how Amazon’s Kindle will ““kindle” the fire of revolution in electronic cigarette reading” in the post entitled “The future of reading . . .The Amazon Kindle.” Last December 2008 in the post entitled “My Christmas wish list for December 2008” I wrote that I wanted to have an Amazon Kindle. Good thing, I didn’t get what I want because Amazon came up with a second generation device called the Amazon Kindle 2.

The Amazon Kindle 2, is a huge improvement over the Amazon Kindle 1. It is much thinner at only 0.36 inches thick, about 25% thinner than an iPhone. The battery life is increased to 25 %. You can literally read for weeks without recharging. With over 16 shades of gray it has a much sharper display than Kindle 1’s 4. Although they ditched the SD card feature, the Kindle 2 has a much bigger memory. At 2 GB it can store up to 1,500 books at any given time.

Want to look up the meaning of a word? No problem. Kindle 2 has bigger vocabulary with a 250,000 word dictionary built in. Navigate easily, with its new 5-way joystick. Read with ease as it turns pages 20% faster than its predecessor. The Kindle 2 is also “less accident prone” because the page-turn buttons are smaller and harder to hit by mistake. In terms of wireless connectivity, Kindle 2 is “more wired” as it operates on the Whispersync technology. And the coolest new feature of Kindle 2 ? Its ability to read text aloud in a semi-robotic voice.

You might want to see it for yourself. To see the cool new Kindle 2, click on the Kindle 2 youtube video below:

With all of its cool new features and being a certified bibliophilia, why do I say that the Amazon Kindle 2 sucks ? Well it sucks because I don’t have one ! hehehehe 🙂

You see with all of its technological wonders, there two things I love most about the Kindle 2 which is in touch with my ideologies. First, it’s cheaper in the long run. Books purchased on the Kindle are cheap. Printed books cost somewhere from $20 to $30, while you can get it at the kindle for more than half the price (from $10 to $15) Secondly, reading books on the Kindle 2 is somehow reducing your “carbon footprint” as no paper is wasted. This feature, appeals to my “green” side.:-)

The problem is, you can’t buy a Kindle and you can’t buy books through the Kindle if you don’t have a U.S issued credit card. (Although there I’ve read somewhere that there are some “work arounds” on this)


Well I could easily ask my relatives in the U.S to purchase one for me, but at $359.00 (U.S) ? No way! The price is ok if you live in the U.S because you can take advantage of the “free wireless connectivity.“ But $ 359.00 seems pricey if I don’t get to use the “free wireless connectivity.“

Well, Amazon should expand their market overseas. They could either sell the Kindle 2 for more than half the price, probably $200.00 would be reasonable without the wireless connectivity feature or they could enter into a contract with our local Mobile phone companies (Globe or Smart) and offer it as a “post paid subscription” by bundling it with a phone. (Just like how they bundled the Asus Eeepc with a phone) However they should tweak the Kindle 2 to make it to be wirelessly connected with our networks.

They could also stretch the idea further and offer it to pre-paid subscribers. Pre-paid subscribers could purchase it for $250.00 and then in order to be wirelessly connected, they could purchase a pre-paid card. But in order to make it more attractive, the Kindle 2 should be able to do more than just read books. Users should be able to browse, check emails and chat. Playing games and other web application that requires advance features is of course out of the question.

Well, perhaps all of these will be possible when Amazon comes up with Kindle 3. In the meantime, Kindle 2 really sucks ! 🙁

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4 Responses to Why the Amazon Kindle 2 sucks

  1. iggy says:

    kanindot…tagpila kaha na dinhi sir? ehehehehe

    btw daghan nako mga recruits sa blaging wahahahaha:

    http://simpolnibai.blogspot.com/ – kristian
    http://taewang.blogspot.com/ – miko
    http://c-anuy.blogspot.com/ – kang brusas!!! wahahahahah

  2. zigfred says:

    iggy: Wa lagi available sa Kinde 2 diri. Bati kaayo.

    Hhehehehe ako unya nang i-feature ang mga na sultian nako sa blogging.

    Hhahaha maayo kay daghan na bloggers mag himo unya ta og IE blogging society. 🙂

  3. Michael Olin says:

    I didn’t own a Kindle I, so I’m new to Kindles (though I had played with friends’ Kindles). I purposely waited for the second version, and I am so happy I did. This thing just feels so good in my hands. All the tiny little details that make it a pleasant experience are there. I am amazed how easy it is to do all the things I like to do when I am reading–even listen to background music. The electronic voice is much better than I thought it would be, and having it read to me when I am driving is a good fix for a “words addict” like me.

    I am in full on techno-love right now!

  4. Rimmer says:

    Nice article. Keep it up. 🙂

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