Jurists Bar Review Center ad in youtube

Finally, I have managed to make an ad for Jurists Bar Review Center and uploaded it in youtube. I lost the pictures I managed to take in last year’s Jurists Bar Review Cebu, so I had difficulty in creating a flashy ad without pictures.

I’ve already managed to a youtube ad for the Lex Pareto Notes a year ago, I planned one for Jurists Bar Review Center, but my creative juices just didn’t work yet.

Finally after filing it somewhere in my brain and forgetting about it, inspiration just struck me just like it did when Leonardo painted his Mona Lisa, when Newton discovered the law of gravity and when Beethoven worked on his ninth symphony. (whahahahahaha !!!) 🙂

So stick out your plasma mount, click on the youtube video below and enjoy the ad.


Help spread the word!

Forward this to every law student you know! If you would like to know more about Jurists Bar review center check out www.juristsbar.com.ph. For Jurists Bar Review Center – Cebu check out www.juristsbarcebu.blogspot.com

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3 Responses to Jurists Bar Review Center ad in youtube


    hello, my friends in jurists manila and cebu. I am from davao but i took my jurists review in cebu. i likewise indorsed classmates in jurists manila…so its now nationwide…THE NAME IS JURISTS WHEN U ASPIRE TO BECOME A LAWYER…having left school for so long…having forgotten the learnings in law school…having the nervous feeling u cannot make it because u believe ur not prepared… NOW IS THE TIME…because JURISTS IS HERE…in ur midst…THERE WAS JURISTS FOR ME IN CEBU and for my friends and classmates…JURISTS WILL KEEP U CONFIDENT…KEEP U TRUSTING THEM, TRUSTING URSELF…




  2. zigfred says:

    Eleanor: Hi maam ! Thanks for the comment and thanks for helping promote Jurists Bar Review Center. God bless and more power ! Yes you can do it by God’s grace !

  3. rommel says:

    congratulations to our beloved general manager of koronadal water district. we know you could make it ma’am. now it is time to come back and continue our struggle for justice. please do not leave us because we are counting on you. you are our hope for our return to our jobs. we have supported you wholeheartedly and we hope that you will support us too and do not abandon us your “children.”

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