How to win the Philippine Lotto

The Philippine government runs the Philippine lotto through the PCSO (Philippine Charity sweepstakes office) The February 22, 2009 6/49 Philippine lotto draw is said to be the biggest in history with an estimated pot of more than P 320,000,000.00. (Almost $7 Million U.S dollars)

The huge pot has attracted more than 25 Million Filipinos to place a bet. Reportedly, a lot of first time bettors have tried their luck in winning the huge pot praying that they would not only win the huge pot, but that they would win it alone. Last April 2008, a construction worker from Novaliches, Quezon City, won solo an estimated P249 million. He must have taken Orlando vacations by now.

Statistically speaking, the odds in winning the 6/49 Philippine lotto is also quite slim. Since there are 6 numbers chosen from a pool of 49 combinations, the odds of choosing the right combination is 10,068,347,520. The odds for winning the 6/49 Philippine lotto is simply computed through the following formula, 49 x 48 x 47 x 46 x 45 x 44/6 = 13,983,816  or roughly one in 14 million. (almost)

I am not a gambler and I have never betted in the Philippine lotto or any game of chance. However the statistics involved and the current frenzy by reason of the huge pot has attracted my attention so I decided to blog about the Philippine lotto. Not only that, “Philippine lotto” is a HITLOD keyword, so I guess I just couldn’t resist exploiting the Philippine lotto keyword hehehe.

So, with such high odds, what are the sure ways that you can win in the Philippine lotto? It may sound impossible, but I could think of two.

1.) Bet on all numbers – Simply spend P 279,676,320 and you are sure to win in the Philippine lotto. There 13,983,816  combinations, multiply that by P 20 per bet this equals to P 279,676,320. Since you are betting on every possible combination, you are sure to win in the Philippine lotto.

Since the price pot has already reached more than P 320,000,000.00, you are assured of more than P41 million  in winnings. The problem with this strategy is that if there is more than one winner, just like what happened in Sunday’s draw wherein there are two winners wherein each of them will only get P 160 million. 🙁

Well I didn’t say that this article is about how to profit from the Philippine lotto. By betting on all numbers, you can be sure to win in the Philippine lotto, but I do not guarantee that you will profit from it. 🙂


2.) Don’t bet at all. – This is my favorite. My barber told me that he has betted in the Philippine lotto for the past seven years and told me has never won. Since he said he placed a bet every day, his average bet is about P 7,000.00 per year. (P 20.00 per bet x 365 days less holidays)

If he had placed his P 7,000.00 per year in time deposit account paying an interest rate of about of 4% per annum compounded, he would have grown said money to about more than P 9,000+ at the end of 7 years.

However if he placed his P 7,000.00 in the stock market and picked stocks wisely just like Warren Buffett then at the end of 7 years he would have an estimate of somewhere between P 89,000+ (15 % compounded return per annum) to a staggering P 160,000+. (30 % compounded return per annum)

In conclusion, not betting at all and investing the money instead, will certainly make you a winner.

Well that’s it, those are my tips on how to win the Philippine Lotto. Although I don’t believe in luck, for gamblers “Good luck” to you because I’m sure you’ll need more of it. Heheheh 🙂

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39 Responses to How to win the Philippine Lotto

  1. me says:

    hahahah! nice advise heheh! funny because last monday my friends and i talked about lotto and on how to win the said biggest amount in 6/49. we tried to bet but unfortunately la jud intawon bisan isa ka number namu migawas sa result..faet! ahahahhaha

    hmm we tried our luck..we expect for good luck..but gosh! better luck next time nalng guro ahahhahahhaha!

  2. zigfred says:

    Lavender: My best advice is never to bet at all. hehehe The lotto heralds the winners but for every 1 winner there are millions of loosers. The lotto is a state sanctioned robbery of the poorest of the poor who make up a huge majority of those who bet.

  3. 20php is not really a huge amount. Just think that you gave it for charity. Since PSCO has a lot of charity works.

    Sana wag lang ibulsa.

  4. Nice post and boggles the mind but where did you get the formula 49 x 48 x 47 x 46 x 45 x 44 ?

  5. zigfred says:

    Lito: It’s based on a formula on Probability and statistics. Check it out at Wikipedia:

    But anyway, no need to rack our brains out, besides the best way to win is not to bet at all hehehehehe . . .

  6. zigfred says:

    hehehe P 20.00 may not be huge but it will amount to something if done consistently in a long span of time. hehehehe . . . O nga I agree, PCSO does a lot of charity work pero ang mahirap niyan gamitin pa sa 2010 elections whahahahahaha ! hehehehehe . . .

  7. enji says:

    haha. i like the investing part.. true though.. could have earned some interest on it

  8. carlito says:

    your calculation of the odds is wrong. (49 x 48 x 47 x 46 x 45 x 44)should be divided by (1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6) because in lotto no numbers should be repeated. your calculations is permutation of 6 numbers out of 49 and numbers are repeated like 1-1-1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-2-2-2, etc. and it will total 10 billion lines. but lotto has no repeat numbers so the actual odd is 1:13,983,816. so if you buy all the tickets it will cost you P280M. nobody in their right mind will gamble to buy all ticket. in canada 6/49 lotto, the last jackpot price was $52 million. the ticket only cost $2 which if you buy all tickets the total cost is $28 million. but nobody buy all the tickets. why? because it can not guarantee that you will be the only winner. that jackpot price was shared by 4 winners getting only $12.5 million each.

  9. zigfred says:

    Carlito: Yeah I think you are right, my mistake. I relied too much on what I remembered in college, I forgot the actual formula. I checked out the actual formula in wikipedia. I guess my stats and probability has been rusty. I’ll revise the post. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I’ve heard some interested businessman willing to gamble about this, but when the considered the possibility of mulitiple winners, they backed out hehehehehe . . .

  10. zigfred says:

    enji: Yep ! Either way you look at it, everybody losses in lotto hehehehe 🙂 Investing is still the best way to go to accumulate wealth.

  11. Wow this post help me learn more about finances, and changed my mind towards making money, investing, etc. Thank you man.

  12. Alex Broxley says:

    Hi guys,

    Can some one assist me to permute the lotto numbers(6/49), I have been trying this for more than a month. Just outline the first steps will continue from there. We wish to take the syndicate route!!!

    All the best.
    Kind Regards

  13. starstruck14 says:

    i just won the feb 8 draw.. sadly i didnt bet my combination #.. i bet the 1st one on my ticket the winning # is the next combination #.. if i bet all of the # combination?? i hve a 134 million php noW!!

  14. zeus diaz says:

    im still bet 6/49 lotto but not regularly..sometimes it hard to push your self in gambling. budget 4r ur family ibebet mo is in my blood..hunger 4r luck. so be it! try n try until my money is gone no luck at all…he.he.he..

  15. For me, having a small chance of winning is better than totally having no chance at all.

    Keeping at least even only 1 combination will always be better than having none because you never know the odds, your 10 peso bet might win you millions.

    Having those chances plus investing is far more better.

  16. kapekape says:

    to Carlito, the calculation of the odds is right. You don’t have to divide it.If you multiply 49 to itself 6 times, then that’s where it happens that the combination would have repeating numbers.

  17. Dina Nagsawa says:

    Simula pa sa kauna-unaunahang labas ng lotto sa Pilipinas tumataya na ako. 5 numbers lamang akong nanalo. Dalawang beses sa 6/42, dalawang beses sa 6/45 at isang beses sa 6/49. Sa system 7, system 8 hanggang system 9 ang aking taya. Sa kwenta ko aabot na sa humigit kumulang sa 1.5 million pesos na ang nauubos ko sa katataya. Ang pension ko at ang bigay na allowance ng mga anak ko ay napupunta lamang sa lotto. Naka-kaduda talaga.
    May kaibigan akong tumama ng jackpot sa lotto. Nakabili ng bahay, ng mga apartment, nagpondar sa taxi, namuhunan sa mga negosyo. Namatay siya na mahirap pa sa daga. Nalulong sa casino at nambabae.
    Dati nanalo ako sa sweepstakes ng 2nd prize, pinalaki ko ang bahay namin, nabakuran. Nagresign ako sa trabaho at namuhunan sa negosyo, nalugi ako, ibenenta ko ang bahay at lupa at ang kotse ko, nangupahan kami at nagsimula na naman sa ilalim. Namasukan ako uli at doon nakabawi ako. Sa ngayon ang lahat ng mga anak ko ay tapos ng kolehiyo walo silang lahat. Kaya lang tuloy pa rin ako sa aking pag-asang tumama sa lotto, taya pa rin ako ng taya. Nagka-kanser ako, mga anak ko ang gumastos sa akin na sa ngayon kulang-kulang na dalawang milyon na ang nagagastos nila para lamang ako mabuhay.
    Sa mga anak ko na galing ang bahay at lupa namin sa Cavite. Sila man ay may mga bahay at lupa na rin sa Cavite at may Condominium sa Pasig. Ang mga anak ko ang naging first investment ko.
    Katuwiran ko, di naman ako nagninigarilyo at di umiinom ng alak kaya
    doon sa lotto ko na lamang nilalagay ang second investment ko, malay mo baka bago ako kunin ng Diyos tumama ako ng jackpot sa lotto.

  18. Looner says:

    Bro nice story… Same tayo.. even mahirap maintindhan ng iba.. but we sure we do something.. and plans for the things may happen to us. Kung sana nga may pera at tumama ka ng lotto..hehehehe.. It’s a positve way pa rin kahit sometimes u know na mali…

  19. zigfred says:

    Looner: Thanks ! I agree with you.

  20. april says:

    If he had placed his P 7,000.00 per year in time deposit account paying an interest rate of about of 1.25 to 2.25 % per annum depending on amount placed, he would have grown said money to about more than P 48,000+ at the end of 7 years.

    <_—mali po computation nyo. 2.25% is equals to .025 sa end ng 7 years, may 1225 lang na tubo.

  21. zigfred says:

    April: Thanks for pointing this out, didn’t really notice it. Must have made an error in the entry of figures in an online calculator. 🙂

  22. coolboy says:

    is the really work out, and how can i win that amount ,hav no money to bet all the combnation..

  23. vertical88 says:

    well,it’s nice to hear from this site positive things…not like those from yahoo which are full of haters. comments there are not pleasing to read.hehehe…i think those people have gone insane..hehe..well about 22 year old and aspiring to win jackpot in lottery, maybe its because i have great ambitions in life and for my family. But sometimes i think it would be hardwork,perseverance,faith in God and determination together with positive thinking that will make us achieve our success not only in betting from lotto which we all know we have the smallest possibility of winning. i can say that because i’ve bet almost 10x in my life but as others say they didnt even got a single hit of a digit. But anyway the only words i have to leave before i leave this site is “What the mind can believe and conceive it can Achieve” Thanks ya’ll

  24. zigfred says:

    vertical88: Don’t mind aspiring to win the lottery. Just work hard. Commit your work to God and you will succeed in life. 🙂

  25. BIBOY says:

    if only we live in a country that prioritize its people and thinking the goods of its constituents,, we dont need to bet even our lives to win and to have a better life.

  26. zigfred says:

    Biboy: I definitely agree !

  27. cireno ocho says:

    wala kayang hokus pokus dito?
    sa lotto?
    eh ako tumaya nuong pang high school pa mga bata ko. ngayun nakalabas na anim na bisesanak ko sa labas de pa ako nanalo.
    kahit apat na combination?

  28. cireno ocho says:

    sana po manalo ako kahit isang bises lang.
    seno makatolong natin?
    kong my makatulong saakin.
    kahit na hati kami
    ok ra basta manalo .
    nko lapit na ata ako mamatay eh de ako manalo?
    hayyyyyyyyyyy lotto ???????
    pro kahit talo palagide to pa taya paa ren.
    baka baka sakali.
    ang panahon eh maloko sa number ko?
    kaya kayu?
    sure taya SURE DEN TALO?

  29. zigfred says:

    Cireno: Just follow my advices and you a re a sure winner hehehehe 🙂

  30. leacosto says:

    very insightful, but nakapanlulumo, lotto is luto na pala

  31. nev says:

    nagustuhan ko yung rason na imbes na panigarilyo or panginom, lotto na lang 🙂

  32. Roilan says:



  33. nodnod says:

    first time ko sa pagtaya ng lotto,
    pinag-aralan kong mabuti mga combi.
    nakuha ko 14 numbers,
    pero di ko tinayan lahat,
    lumabas yung 6no.’s sa 14no.’s ko..
    sayang talaga!
    di ko kase alam yung system bet,
    pano ba tayaan yung 14 numbers
    at magkano aabutin ng taya???
    tnx sa sasagot..

  34. Jason says:

    gambling is an ungodly habit. kaya, walang nananalo diyan. kahit lumuha ka pa ng dugo sa kadadasal.(Proverbs 13:11) (1 Timothy 6:9-10) tsaka isa pa, scam yan ng gobyerno. Syempre, for charity sakes daw. pero lahat ng tumataya riyan, MAHIHIRAP. Its actually legally robbing them. Pero ikakatuwiran sa iyo, free country naman ito eh. TANGA!! The goal of government is to reduce poverty. Lalo lang sila naghihirap kasi yun ipangkakain na lang, ipantataya pa. Tapos sasabihin, wala silang makain. Dapat ipagbawal yan ng gobyerno natin. Pero, pano kasi, nakakakurakot sila kaya di nila maipagbawal. Buti pa casino filipino, mayayaman lang pedeng mag-gamble run. Hayaan na natin sila. Sobra-sobra na pera nung mga yun. Pero tayo kasi wala. Kung gusto nila talaga manalo tayo, dapat meron kapana-panalo. taasan nila yun odds na pede ka manalo. Hirap talaga manalo riyan.

  35. Jasmine says:

    One thing for sure guys, lahat ng tumama sa lotto ay tumaya. Taya na! Pero yung extrang pera lang. Kung walang extra, wag tataya.

  36. Matyag says:

    Noong manu-mano pa ang loto mahirapan na tayo manalo, ngayon pa kaya may computer na naggegenerate sa mga numbers ng tumataya. Sa spreadsheet ng excel kahit ilang milyon na numbers kayang sort-out. Yang program na ginawa para sa lotto pag-generate nakikita na nila yong bakanteng numero at yun ang ilalabas. Simple logic screw driver nga may magneto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Matyag says:

    Tapos sasabihin lumabas published may nanalo na, totoo kaya? di natin alam eh. kahit 1M lang ayaw nilang ilantad ang nanalo hindi naman siguro risk sa buhay yan. ika nga sa mga ibang stablisimento at MRT/LRT sa kaManilahan SPREAD THE VIRUS LOTTO!

  38. Val says:

    I used not to bet on lotto, but after PCSO answered laser therapy and medication for my mother’s glaucoma totalling to p89,000.00 I become a regular bettor 2x a month after each payday…

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