God’s response to atheist bus advertising

Atheist in London has raised £135,000+ (Close to $200,000.00 U.S) to engage in an active bus advertising campaign. About 800 buses all over England were tapped for the bus advertising campaign. Atheist says they not only plan to do it in the United Kingdom but that they will probably continue to spread it around the world.

I can’t believe these people, spending so much money on bus advertising discrediting God. What on earth are they trying to achieve? They could have spent the money for other useful purposes to solve other world problems instead. (The only bright side of this is that they let the printers and the bus companies make some money)


I heard recently that God decided to give them a taste of their own medicine, so He engaged in His own bus bus advertising campaign. Here it is:



Thanks to Marhgil Macuha for giving the url for this “Atheist bus slogan generator.” Want to make your own bus advertising? Click here. Here’s my own bus advertising. Enjoy !!!


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4 Responses to God’s response to atheist bus advertising

  1. Nerd says:

    I don’t believe God will eternally condemn his creations for being atheists. Free speech is a good thing. I think atheists have the right to “preach” whatever they want to just as believers preach what they believe in.

    But I have to agree with you. I don’t see any good reasons why they would spend such a huge amount of money for a (silly) slogan.

    “There’s probably no God – now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

    To be honest, I think it’s quite stupid!


  2. zigfred says:

    Nerd – “But the fearful, and UNBELIEVING … shall have their part (portion) IN THE LAKE WHICH BURNS WITH FIRE AND BRIMSTONE” (Rev. 21:8) The unbelieving no doubt refers to the Athiest. This is not my words, this is God’s own words.

    Nevertheless, thanks for siding with me with regards to their spending huge amounts of money just to put up a silly slogan and yes what they are doing is quite stupid !!! hehehehe 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour would forgive them. Godbless to all of us and see you up there.

    Brother in Christ

  4. Nice Blog Zigfred! Bookmarked! I’m actually in the process of putting up my own blog – which would, primarily, try to educate people on basic Christian Apologetics. Atheism is on the rise.. While I respect anyones opinion, just want to do my part as a Christian.

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