Attack of the Giant Siopao

Aside from being known as “Abalos country” and the Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City in Metro Manila would soon have another attraction that will forever be linked to it’s name – GIANT SIOPAO.

For those of you who do not know what a siopao is, a siopao is a Chinese steamed bread buns filled with pork, chicken, egg, vegetables and a sweet filling. Siopao is best served with ketchup or the maker’s own unique siopao sauce.

The maker of this Giant siopao is PVL Food House. They sell this humongous, giant, siopao for P 120.00. Purportedly the largest in the Philippines, this giant siopao is about 4 times bigger than the ordinary Siopao and weighs about a kilo. The average male eater can consume this giant siopao within 15 minutes as timed on Technomarine watches 🙂


I still have not tasted this giant Siopao, perhaps when I go to Manila someday I will be able to drop by Mandaluyong and try out this insanely huge Siopao. I learned about this giant siopao through video. Watch this inquirer video on the Giant siopao and see for yourself.

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15 Responses to Attack of the Giant Siopao

  1. jd cruz says:

    Hi Zieg!

    I’ve always thought that you live in Manila.

    See you next time.

  2. zigfred says:

    JD: I did live in Manila for more than 2 years. But I was born and raised in Cebu 🙂

  3. dan says:

    where is this PVL food house located? do you have the address? I wanted to bring my mom there. thanks

  4. zigfred says:

    Sorry Dan, I don’t have the address, I only saw this video in the inqurier. I was hoping somebody would comment and give me the address too 🙂

  5. zigfred says:

    Dan: I just got the address of PVL food house in the internet, its at 84 I.Lopez cor. Ortigas Sts., Mandaluyong Phone Number: 532-0063. Try calling first before dropping by. I am not sure if this is the right address, just found it in the internet. Happy Siopao eating sana padala ka dito sa Cebu hehehehe 🙂

  6. chester cruz says:

    nice post! i shared it on my facebook. 🙂

  7. zigfred says:

    Chester: Thanks !

  8. Mylene says:

    Thank goodness I found the address of PVL here. I’m out later to go there to buy a giant siopao for my boyfriend’s bday as a surprise (unique) present. I’m not used to going to Ortigas so I thought of searching for the info first and I was not disappointed. I saw it when they were featured sa unang hirit eh. I hope the phone # will work. Thanks guys! This is just so perfect for this day!

  9. zigfred says:

    Mylene: You are welcome ! THanks for visiting my blog !

  10. Ping says:

    hi, mylene where you able to go to PVL Food House? Can you post the number here if it’w working? I’m also not familiar with ortigas area kasi. Thanks!


    Masarap ba yung siopao compared to Ma Mon Luk?

  11. Vanessa says:

    @Ping, mas masarap Ma Mon Luk. Just tried it last weekend, pero dont know how to go there, nagpabili lang kami.

    I was also looking for the number since I was about to blog about it, it’s good you have it here in your site zigfred 🙂 – will link you to my blog. Btw, it was 120P a year ago, grabe, 250P na namin nabili ngayon :-O

    thanks for the info!

  12. mark says:

    where can i buy those siopao?

  13. zigfred says:

    mark: At the store I mentioned in the blog post.

  14. girlie says:

    Hi!i went to PVL this afternoon it only costs P140 not P250.00:)

  15. zigfred says:

    Girlie: This must be a new price. 🙂 PVL should be paying me an advertising fee as I have sent a lot of people already to their store. Tell them about this next time you go. (Lifetime giant siopao supply would be acceptable to me hehehehe)

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