Too much politics killed Andres Bonifacio

Yesterday, November 30 we celebrated the birthday of one of our Philippine heroes, Andres Bonifacio. However the holiday was moved to today, December 1 by virtue of the President’s “Holiday economics.”

Andres Bonifacio is dubbed as the “Father of the Philippine Revolution.” He was one of the main leaders in the Filipino revolution against Spanish rule. Andres Bonifacio founded the Katipunan, an organization whose purposes were to defend the poor and the oppressed, promote good morals and to liberate the Philippines from Spanish rule through taking up arms.

Usually, a public holiday is declared to celebrate the death of a hero. However in the case of Andres Bonifacio, it his birth that is being declared a public holiday and not his death. The reason for such is because unlike other heroes who died in the hands of the enemy, Andres Bonifacio died in the hands of his fellow country men.

Some historians contend that the death of Andres Bonifacio was a result of the classic “rich versus poor” struggle as represented between the struggle by the champion of the masses, Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo who represented the bourgeois or upper class.

I for one do not believe that it is the classic “rich versus poor” power struggle. However I do believe that too much politics is what led to the execution of Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procopio.

Too much politics caused Andres Bonifacio to loose his place in the revolutionary government. Emilio Aguinaldo was elected president of the revolutionary government and the “El Supremo” (The Supreme leader) of the Katipunan was elected as director of the interior. However, Andres Bonifacio’s position as secretary of the interior was questioned because according to a fellow Katipunero, Daniel Tirona such position should be occupied by a lawyer and since Andres Bonifacio is not a lawyer then he is not capable to perform the duties of director of the interior.

Andres Bonifacio was furious and insulted by such remarks considering that the only rules agreed upon was the vote of the majority and that no other special qualifications were agreed to be required for such post. For such reasons Andres Bonifacio declared the proceedings null and void. From that time Andres Bonifacio did not coordinate with Aguinaldo’s revolutionary government.

For such actions, Andres Bonifacio was accused of treason against the revolutionary government. Andres Bonifacio was tried and sentenced to death. President Aguinaldo commuted the sentence to banishment but somehow such order was not carried out and Andres Bonifacio and his brother Procopio were executed instead. Some historians believe that Aguinaldo was pressured to change the order back to execution on the advice that if Andres Bonifacio was allowed to alive, he will cause division in the revolutionary government. Too much politics has again done what it does best.


Too much politics causes people to engage in political intrigues, take advantage of situations, exploit the system, compromise principles and resort to partisan politics rather than take a certain stand on the issues.

Until today too much politics has continued to ravage and destroy our society. It has caused those in the office of the Ombudsman to delay or even dismiss the cases of corrupt government officials just because they are close to the president. It has caused judges and justices to decide in favor of those who wield the greater political power. It has caused law enforcers not to arrest those who have friends in high places, and it is the reason why people with questionable character and conduct gets appointed even to positions that are considered as hallowed.

The dream of a building a “just and human society” died with Andres Bonifacio in Mount Nagpatong in Maragondon, Cavite where he was executed. Too bad he didn’t have any medicare supplement plans.  Too much politics kills and continues to kill the Filipino people as it had killed Andres Bonifacio.

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(Andres Bonifacio picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

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5 Responses to Too much politics killed Andres Bonifacio

  1. SELaplana says:

    What the Filipino politician did during the time of Bonifacio are also the things that the new generation Filipino politicians are doing now.

    No wonder hindi umasenso ang bansa.

  2. estelle says:

    I heard about the conspiracy behind Bonifacio’s death before but didn’t really pay attention to it. Thanks you for the very interesting piece.

    I want to know more about my country’s history but I am kinda saddened on what’s goin in the PI at the present. I keep on asking myself, “What will be like if Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal wasn’t murdered?”

    Don’t get me wrong. I am aware of the war and famine in the other part of the world. But Philippines is a small country, citizens should help and love each other.

  3. zigfred says:

    Estelle: Thanks. It seems you are living outside the Philippines. If you don’t mind my asking, where are you located ? Its really worth knowing our country with all its rich history and colorful culture 🙂

  4. “History repeats itself” This is the perfect saying for politicians. Although not all politicians are doing this but more of them are just doing what other member did to Bonifacio.

  5. zigfred says:

    Philippine Politics: History definitely repeats itself ! Hay nako kailan pa kaayo mababago ang bansang ito !

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