The financial script of life

Have you ever tried seeing a movie by watching the ending first and working your way backwards to the beginning? Sounds weird hugh? But that is exactly what we will be doing now. For most people, sadly their financial script of life ends with the words “Bankrupt” instead of “. . . .and they lived happily ever after” that is, they end up relying on their little social security pension or worse rely on their children to take care of them .

So how does an educated middle income individual end up with the words “bankruptcy” written at the end of his script of life? Watch this youtube video on the financial script of life. After the video on the financial script of life, there are other informative videos as well such as the effect of interest rate, the difference between an asset and liability and the types of investor.

This youtube video on the financial script of life is courtesy of the International Marketing group (IMG) of which I am a member of. Although I am not a very active member, I still appreciate the financial lessons that I have learned from IMG.

Looking back at my script of life 3 years ago, I sure was headed on having the words “Bankrupt” written at the end of my script of life. We had almost half a million in credit card debt, virtually with very little investment, and very little assets. Although we have a “small business franchise” (not really its a small-medium scale size business) and I have several insurance policies taken by my parents, I have nothing to claim as something of my own.

A friend asked me to join IMG. I was reluctant because the marketing strategy was patterned after multi-level marketing. After several prodding, I hesitantly went to a meeting and received a wake-up call to revise my script of life. I listened to the speaker attentively and realized how important financial education is. I really wondered why this stuff is not being taught in schools. No wonder the average middle class educated person ends his script of life with a very unpleasant ending.

I attended more financial management seminars, read financial management books and subscribed to a finance magazine. I didn’t want to end my script of life to read “bankrupt.”


Wanting to change our script of life, we worked our way and finally paid off 80 % of our credit card debt through applying principles we learned. Now by God’s grace we have more investments than debt and we have managed our finances quite well.

So what about you? Do you want to end your script of life with the a big “B” or do you want to change your financial script of life to one with a happy ending ?

Happiness in life may not be all about having lots of money, but it is always so much better to be happy while having money at the same time.

Take time now to learn how to revise your financial script in life. Read more about how to wisely handle your finances. You might want to get some cheap books on personal finance in my Guerilla blogging estore. It’s powered by Amazon so shop with confidence and ease. Perhaps some articles in my financial management and investments category might also be of help. Stay tuned and learn more on how to put a happy ending in your financial script of life.

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