My Christmas wish list for December 2008

I had only one item on my Christmas wish list last December 2007 and you can read it at my post entitled “One of the gifts I hope I will get for Christmas

That item in my Christmas wish list last year came true. So I am posting a Christmas wish list for this year again, I hope it will become true hehehehehe

For this year, I also have one item on my Christmas wish list. Perhaps my Christmas wish list might also give you an idea on what to give this Christmas to your loved one.

The only item on my Christmas wish list this year is an ebook reader.

People who know me quite well will not be surprised why this is the only item on my Christmas wish list. I am such a voracious reader. I could finish off 2 to 3 books a month aside from my regular daily reading in my work. An ebook reader would help me save on books since it is a lot cheaper to purchase then printed books for obvious reasons. Some say it is also environmentally friendly; others might however disagree with this point. An ebook reader lets me obtain the latest title immediately. It also allows me to bring several book titles conveniently. Two of the most popular ones are the Amazon Kindle and the Sony ebook reader.

Some people say that they would rather have a sub-notebook laptop since it is about the same price as an ebook reader. I would like to point that a laptop, no matter how small will never have the “printed-book-like” experience of an ebook reader. Besides who has ever heard of somebody trying to read an ebook on his laptop while lying in bed before going to sleep ?

There are several blogs out there that gives a comprehensive detail on the pros and cons of each device. This short but concise comparison from might give you an idea:

You might have a used Kindle or a Sony ebook reader that you don’t want to use anymore or one that you might have never used. Perhaps you might consider giving it to me. Hehehehehe . . . I promise you that I will put it to good use.


You might want to buy me a new one or perhaps you may want to purchase one to give to a loved one. Why don’t you purchase an Amazon Kindle or a Sony ebook reader in my Guerilla Blogger estore.

For more on the Amazon Kindle watch this video:

For more on the Sony ebook reader watch this video:

Be my Santa today and tick off this item from my Christmas wish list! hohohohoho Merry Christmas !

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  1. iggy says:

    ka cooooooooooooool…I like the reader, simple and w/o internet..wee

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