Is flaxseeds good for your health?

People are getting crazy over alternative sources of medicine. In the Philippines, T.V and radio ads are filled with “herbal” food supplements that although do not guarantee a cure are however marketed as a “cure all.”

The reason is quite obvious with the high percentage of our younger population suffering from diseases that is suppose to show up only during ages 50s and above no doubt it would seem that traditional western medicine has failed in its primordial calling of being an “art of healing.”

Enter another natural herbal food supplement that is said to be very good for your health – Flaxseeds.

Consumption of flaxseeds for health purposes is not new at all as far as 5,000 BC, Flaxseeds were used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is even said that some people worshiped flaxseeds for their said “magical properties” as flaxseeds can supposedly heal the intestines, skin conditions, improve energy, and improve overall health.

It is only recently that the consumption of flaxseeds has been strongly recommended by health professionals. Medicine and herbal companies are taking advantage of these findings and are starting to commercialize the use of flaxseeds.

My wife found out about flaxseeds when she was listening to a Dr. Oz program which talked about the incorporation of flaxseeds in one’s diet.

Flaxseeds are said to contain lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids. Lignans are said to benefit the heart and possess anti-cancer properties. Omega-3 nourishes the brain and gives skin and hair a healthy glow. The composition of flaxseeds is 30% fiber and 40% healthy fat. Because of flaxseeds high fiber content, flaxseeds helps improve hypoglycemia and diabetes conditions and decreases the risk of heart disease, coronary artery disease, and strokes. Omega 3 added with Fiber helps gets the body’s metabolism burning at a higher rate, hence helping the body burn fat. Kind of like drinking nature’s Solo Slim.


What I like most about Flaxseeds is that it is very cheap unlike the very expensive “food supplements” that are being marketed today. In Cebu City, we buy flaxseeds from Fair Trade located at the YMCA building Jones Avenue. They sell 10 grams of flaxseeds for less than P 400.00! (This is about 1 to 3 months consumption for 2 to 3 persons depending on the flaxseeds intake) The flaxseeds they sell are of good quality and are supplied by Northern Lights Flax of Canada.

I’ve started to incorporate flaxseeds into my diet. I put flaxseeds in my oatmeal and in my juice. The instruction in the box says that you can use flaxseeds as a substitute for cooking oil. However we have not tried this yet.

Is flaxseeds good for your health? Most certainly! Try incorporating flaxseeds in your diet today ! (You might want to do more additional research on flaxseeds yourself and consult with your physician if you have an allergic reaction to flaxseeds)

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